Pelican 0955 Waterproof Crushproof Travel Wallet Review

Pelican 0955 Waterproof Crushproof Travel Wallet Review

Pelican 0955 Wallet Review

For those not familiar with the brand, Pelican is an American company that designs and manufactures hard use torches and cases.

Their products are built for rugged outdoor use and commonly found in military, law enforcement, fire service, safety, and entertainment industries. If you’re an outdoor person, then you might find their products particularly attractive.

Yes, some of their cases can be ridiculously expensive, especially when you get to the larger end of the storage range. However, the extra protection and peace of mind they offer can be worth it.

At first glance, the Pelican 0955 has been manufactured to the same tough standards as the larger cases in the range.

Pelican 0955 Waterproof Crushproof Travel Wallet Review

The outer shell is sturdy and durable with a seal to prevent water entering the compartment, thus making sure all items kept inside are kept crisp and dry. The heavy duty sports wallet is designed to take the main essentials on a trip, opposed to the organiser style wallets you can fill with everything and struggle to close it shut. But if we are honest it’s not wise to travel with endless amounts of credit cards and cash bulging out of the pockets.

Manufacturers Specifications are:

  • Interior Dimensions 4.79″ x 2.25″ x 0.55″ (12.2 x 5.7 x 1.4 cm)
  • Water and dust resistant seal (IP 54)
  • Easy open latch
  • Dual Mesh Pocket Organization
  • Crushproof, solid protection
  • Holds Keys, ID, Cards & Cash
  • Lanyard Included
  • Guaranteed for life

Carrying the Pelican 0955 means when travelling it’s possible to keep things quite streamlined, just a debit card, credit card, drivers licence + cash will do. The size of the case is quite compact and small for a Pelican product, allowing a snug fit inside a trouser or jean pocket. However for those who like to carry more in their wallet the size maybe a restriction.

Pelican 0955 Waterproof Crushproof Travel Wallet ReviewUnderstandably wallets are down to individual tastes and an extent is a personal statement. While some will point out what a great concept a waterproof/crushproof wallet is, will the attention still be the same paying the bill at a fancy dinner party? Maybe not, but the Pelican 0955 as a travel wallet isn’t designed to be fancy.

The IP 54 water and dust rating make it ideally suited to and hiking, boat trips, or running in the rain activities, with the sound knowledge the contents are safe from getting damp or wet. Like other Pelican cases, this one is no different and offers crushproof protection to ensure the contents are safe from even the clumsiest of people.

Overall the sports wallet is great to hold credit cards, cash and spare phone sim/SD cards. The travel wallet can easily fit a few cards and some money inside and the Dual Mesh Pocket Organisation helps separate the two.

The open latch makes getting money in and out quick, with no messing around in public. The handy lanyard also means you can attach it to clip, belt or around your neck for extra security.

To sum it up, the Pelican 0955 is a great travel wallet, just don’t expect to fit 12 cards and $500 inside, because it won’t work.

Pelican 0955 Waterproof Crushproof Travel Wallet Review

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