6 Alternative Travel Blogs to Follow

6 Alternative Travel Blogs To Follow

6 Alternative Travel Blogs to Follow

When I first made the decision to start travelling the world, three things happened in my life.

  1. I sold nearly everything I owned that wasn’t needed to travel
  2. I worked every spare minute possible to build up the travel fund
  3. I read 100’s of travel blogs to prepare me for the big journey

Before starting my adventure, I spent a lot of time reading travel blogs. Sometimes days. Researching details on specific locations, lightweight packing lists, how to travel long term on a budget, booking free flights, the list goes on.

The usual “10 things you MUST see in Thailand” or “The BEST hotels in the world” made a quick read, but didn’t offer anything more positive to someone looking to take the next step and make travel a lifestyle.

Because of this I’m comfortable in saying:

If you’ve looking to add something different to your travel life then it’s time to step away from the usual holiday vacation websites

Turning your back on the mainstream crowd can be a tough choice, but there’s a reason behind every decision.

But if you don’t follow the crowd, how do you find the information you need?

When searching for new travel inspiration I frequent blogs that help motive me to explore new ideas and possibilities. Blogs written by someone who has a passion for a certain topic, area, or alternative style of travel are always a hit for me. These alternative travels blogs can be very specific and focus on areas often overlooked by tourist crowds

For me, a real travel blog should remain firm to its blogging roots and not follow in the footsteps commercial travel sites. They were meant to and should be different. Part of the beauty of a travel blog it’s freedom from the mainstream to focus on the different sides of travel – whatever and wherever they are.

Travel blogs are often not perfect, far from it. For me, that only adds to the story of a traveller on the road.

I have been following a few travel bloggers recently. Here are just a few that I am checking out.

Alternative Travel Bloggers to Follow

1) Amatu Artea

6 Alternative Travel Blogs To Follow

Why I like the blog: India is a country I haven’t visited but plan to in the near future. Amatu Artea covers not only visiting India, but fascinating cultures and traditions I didn’t even know existed.

From the blogger: I’m Stephanie, living in the beautiful Southwest of France, along the Atlantic Ocean and close to Spain. I discovered Asia in 2007 for my first solo trip and since then I can’t go anywhere else. I’m fond of it culture and festivals.

In 2012, my trip to unexplored Indian Bastar totally changed my life. I was there when the fascinating tribes of this district were celebrating the 10 most important days of their major 75 days long festival, Bastar Dussehra !!!

70% of the population there belongs to the tribes. My favourite ones were Bison Horn Marias – wear bison horns on their head – and Murias with their colourful flower attire.

Bastar is in Chhattisgarh State and only a few people dare to go there as they think it’s dangerous. Thanks to my website and promotion, a lot of Indian travellers now dream to go there and it makes me very happy for this wonderful tribes.

This area made me write in English and connect with a lot of interesting Indian correspondents and bloggers, work with the local tourism board, and with locals who now write some articles on my blog to promote their area.

Blog URL: www.amatu-artea.com/en

2) Albaluna

6 Alternative Travel Blogs To Follow

Why I like the blog: I like Alba’s travel style. Like me she has a passion for visiting Asia and we have been to many of the same places in Taiwan and Vietnam. Her blog is both in English and Spanish

From the blogger: Well, let me introduce myself. I’m Alba Luna and I consider myself a bridge in between cultures, a crazy traveller and a life lover. I love to travel. More than that, I love to learn new languages, cultures, try new foods, meet new people and learn about their worldview.

I’ve also learned through my trips than while you don’t need to travel to do this, leaving your comfort zone stretches you and helps you find yourself.

Cultural exchange is what I love the most in traveling. I avoid touristic places, use maps as less as possible and just get wonderfully lost in every place I go. That’s how I see the culture I’m exploring in a more real and pure way. I strongly believe understanding and tolerating other’s cultures is one of the most powerful ways to change the world.

My last biggest trip was 6 months around Asia by myself. I started studying Buddhism in the Philippines and Taiwan, shaved my head while there, went to a meditation retreat in India (10 days of no talking) and had a traditional tattoo by Wang Od, the last Kalinga tattoo maker.

A video that sums up the way I like to travel is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEaQVh8Q1qQ

Blog URL: www.albaluna.es/en

3) Once We’re Young Travel


Why I like the blog: Well apart from totally agreeing that you shouldn’t wait until you’re retired to start travelling, Once We’re Young Travel covers a variety of offbeat travel experiences and festivals.

From the blogger: Once we’re young travel is an experiential travel blog that curates the best event, festival, and experience-based travel on earth. From Everest treks to salsa lessons, to electronic music festivals, to Hindi holidays, they catalog the details so all you have to do is get there.

Taylor + Daniel are San Francisco-based travellers who got sick of hearing “you can do it once you’re older” at around age 5. Now, they’re doing their best to make up for lost time. Their latest trip was a gallivant around Colombia, and they’re set to do a gorilla trek in Uganda later this year.

If you travel for unique experiences, check out their offbeat photography, videos, and travel stories!

Blog URL: www.oncewereyoungtravel.com

4) Travels & Stories

Once we're young travel

Why I like the blog: Like me Richa escaped the corporate rat race a few years back. Reading through Travel & Stories still makes me realise there’s lots of places I haven’t yet visited and need to explore. Thanks to this site my ‘places to visit’ list have doubled.

From the blogger: I have been traveling for past several years but started blogging seriously, only two years back, after quitting my corporate job of several years. I have backpacked solo in New Zealand’s countryside, volunteered in a community kitchen in a tribal village in Jharkhand (India), slept by a freezing lake in the Himalayas, fought with pillows at Cologne’s Cathedral, travelled in overstuffed Jeeps on rickety roads in North-East India.

I have an eye for quirky things and offbeat trails. While on one hand I look for unexplored places, on another hand I also try to look for unexplored aspects or things to do in a ‘touristy’ place. My blog is a reflection of my journeys through such offbeat trails which also includes traveling slow & responsibly, and experiencing things like a local.

All my blog posts are based on my own personal experiences. There are a few ‘list-type’ articles also that you will find, but all of them are meant to give an alternative perspective to a very touristy place.

Blog URL: www.travelsandstories.com

5) Travelure

Travels & Stories

Why I like the blog: While browsing through Travelure is simply impossible not to be blown away by the stunning travel photography. In fact, browsing through the site makes me a little self-conscious as I only use a Nokia 1020 smartphone for my images on toolsoftravel.com.

From the blogger: I am an award-winning Travel Photographer and Travel Writer, a Canon Photo Mentor, a Photo Tour Leader and a Photo Jurist.

Photography helps me capture the sights, sounds and stories of the places I visit. I have won numerous awards, some of which are – winner of #GrabYourDreams (Season 2) contest, winner of National Geographic Traveller #GetOutThere photo-essay contest, winner of #lpInstafame (Lonely Planet Instagram) award and #NeelDongre Grant awardee. My work has been exhibited by Alliance Francaise, India Photo Archive Foundation, etc.

My blog is called ‘TRAVELURE’ and its URL is www.travelure.in. It is a blog about travel and photography. The posts here are mostly my published articles in various Indian travel/photography/airline magazines (My photo-features and stories regularly appear in leading magazines in the country. Some of these are Smart Photography, Asian Photography, Travel Plus, JetWings, National Geographic Traveller, etc.).

Besides winning awards, I have been a jurist for many photography awards. Some of these are #CanonPhotomarathon2012 and #TimesPassionTrails (Wildlife) 2014. In fact, I have been nominated again for Canon Photomarathon Jury this year (2015) – the link for the same is here – https://www.photomarathon.canon-asia.com/index.php/cpm/India-Delhi/English/home

Recently, I have done a story on Bhimbetka (an archeological site that has been accorded ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’ status. Here, cave paintings have been discovered wherein people and landscape have interacted with each other over various eras – the oldest paintings being about 15,000 years old while the newest ones have been around 800 years old. I have done this story as a time-travelling photographer.

The link for the story is: http://www.travelure.in/bhimbetka-my-early-days-of-photography/

Blog URL: www.travelure.in

6) Heritage Travels


Why I like the blog: I must admit when I first started travelling it wasn’t because I wanted to visit world heritage sites. However, once you’ve been on the travel scene long enough it’s hard not to cross paths with a heritage site or two.

There is something about the history and cultures of past generations that I find inspiring. It’s not very often you find someone dedicated to blogging about them.

From the blogger: At the Heritage Travels we aim to educate readers on cultural heritage, history and archaeological significance of locations, and inspire readers to want to know more about the places they visit.

I started this blog with my husband Nick, after I finished my Honours degree in Archaeology, as a way to express my passion for heritage and travel. I share histories of destinations, review heritage courses and field schools, and share my personal experiences.

Blog URL: theheritagetravels.com

So that’s my list of 6 Alternative Travel Blogs To Follow. How about you, do you have any recommendations?

Barry Sproston
Barry is a traveller and expat who spends most of his time between Asia and Australia. He has spent 12 months training at a Gung Fu school learning Wing Chun. Explored the island of Taiwan by scooter more than once. Been tricked into eating raw horse meat sushi in Japan. Even tried to overcome the fear of heights by bungee jumping in Thailand. One day he plans to open a guesthouse.
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