About Tools of Travel

About Tools of Travel

About Tools of Travel

Welcome to Tools of Travel – great to see you here!

My name is Barry, and I’m an English expat and traveller. Here’s a short little background on who I am, and what the Tools of Travel blog is all about.

I’m just someone who enjoys travelling like you: I like exploring different countries, I love the food, and I do something that resembles backpacking.

I grew up in the sunny United Kingdom and spent most of my time as kid outdoors. Up until about high school age, I enjoyed the typical family road trips, plus plenty of camping holidays.

Somehow after high school, like most people I decided that working was the best way to spend my time and jumped straight into the world of full-time employment + overtime. I also had the idea to work my way through college/university.

After high school, I proceeded to travel only a handful of times for the next ten years (so, not much travel!).

Tasmania’s Convict Past: Visiting Sarah Island

Igniting the Passion

While working and finishing University, I had this idea in my head of travelling to overseas destinations, places I had only ever read about in books before.

Finally in 2008, after plenty of planning, I sold most of my gear on eBay and boarded a flight. The first destination was nearby France, then a couple of months later was a 27+ hour flight to not so nearby Australia.

What I realised after leaving the UK was that travelling for more than two weeks a year is not exclusively limited to those who have plenty of money. Like many travellers, I learnt the skill of surviving on a budget.

This trip changed my life forever as Australia would later become my home.

Then in 2014 while Couchsurfing in Norway I decided the timing was right to share my experiences of travelling and living as an expat overseas. Using my second-hand X1 Carbon Ultrabook (which I still use today) and coffee shop Wi-Fi, I started work on my new hobby – toolsoftravel.com.

Even though I was enjoying travelling Europe on a shoestring, it wasn’t all happy days at first. A lot of time was spent playing around with free blog themes and the first few months were well, let’s just say setting up this website was a steep learning curve for me.

At the time I was also experimenting with minimalist living, and apart from my mobile phone, I didn’t even own a camera!

Tools of Travel

Tools of Travel

Tools of Travel is just a small snapshot of experiences I have taken from my travels.

Some posts cover everyday travel stuff, but other topics are more location specific. Questions like how much does an apartment cost for a month? What about local gyms? Is the lifestyle any good for me? And so on.

There’s no real plan to what gets included on the blog. If something catches my eye on a trip, then there’s a good chance of it getting published. However, if I’m busy working on another project, it might get missed altogether.

I also try not to take myself too seriously, so I’ve approached Tools of Travel with a casual, informal tone as if we just met around the swimming pool at a guesthouse.

Information published on the blog if for you to read as if you’re my friend, although we probably haven’t met personally (if we have then thanks for reading!). I don’t know the specifics of your history, your age, your biases, marital status, education, so; therefore, I have made the following basic assumption on why you’ve dropped by:

You like to travel

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Travel Philosophy

I’m a big believer in travelling slow and taking my time to explore a place before finally moving on. These days I enjoy planning trips with my girlfriend, friends or family. But old habits do die hard, and I do love an extended solo adventure every now and again.

The way I choose to travel doesn’t take any particular skills, or banks account overflowing with cash.

Travel tools like Couchsurfing and Airline Rewards cards help me to do more for less. Some people who use various techniques to manipulate the travel system to get gains, call themselves travel hackers.

Whatever you choose to call it –  travelling more is the goal.

Cradle Mountain Summit Day Hike

I Need Your Support

As someone who decided one day to leave his job and take time out to explore the world, this website provides a platform for me to talk about travel and all of its benefits.

But I need your support to do so.

The primary way you can do that is by adding to the conversation topic by commenting on posts. Afterall – without readers, a blog isn’t really a blog.

Tools of Travel takes an interactive format, which means you as a reader you are free to leave comments relating to your opinions about travel.

And for those who wish to help the blog financially you can do that by using the below links:

  1. Booking accommodation? I recommend Agoda and have been using them to book guesthouses, hotels, BnB’s, and hotels since 2011.
  2. Buying something? Simply buy your goods from Amazon or Amazon UK, and I get a tiny bit back.
  3. Want to contribute directly? You can do so by donating to my coffee shop blog fund via this PayPal link.

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No matter how small the donation is, I guarantee it will be appreciated.

Tools of Travel


No matter what point you’re at in life hopefully you get something from Tools of Travel. Maybe I can too.

I’ve been travelling for all this time and never bothered jot down my thoughts, where I’ve been, or what I’ve been doing or how I’ve done it. Now Tools of Travel is my way to share the experiences. If you can make use of them too – then great!

Feel browse around the website, comment, share, absorb what’s relevant to your situation and discard the rest.



Tools of Travel

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