Afternoon at Anping Tree House

Afternoon At Anping Tree House

Anping Tree House 

Afternoon At Anping Tree HouseFound in the Anping Area of Tainan city, southern Taiwan, Anping Tree-House was previously a factory of Tait & Co. Tait & Co was a once a  prominent business and among the top-five trading businesses in Anping region during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan.

Abandoned for some years, a huge tree has immersed itself within the factory from a variety of angles, including trunks which have turned the old structure back to how nature intended.

Afternoon At Anping Tree House

The warehouse’s stone walls have collapsed and now permitted trunks, branches and leaves to dominate windows, surfaces and the floor. However, this has now developed into an exceptional opportunity for photo taking

Anping Tree-House is unique to Tainan and has an appeal that attracts local and overseas guests because of its mystical, remarkable look.

Afternoon At Anping Tree House

The Tree-House was transferred to the Harbor Park community in 2004. For 50NTD (1.08 GBP / 1.59 USD) guests can wander around the old rooms and view this odd factory that has been taken over by the tree. Allow an hour or two to take in the sights, yet there’s no rush, so enjoy the unique view.

An Afternoon At Anping Tree House

An Afternoon At Anping Tree House

There is also a skywalk that is erected above and around the old factory. This walkway gives guests more opportunities for viewing and taking photos of this remarkable structure.

Anping Tree House Location: No.106-108 Gubao Street, Anping District, Tainan, Taiwan

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