I wouldn’t class myself as fitness obsessed, but an active and healthy lifestyle is something that very important to me.

Although it’s not always possible to squeeze a workout in when travelling around, once I set up base in a specific location, one of my main priorities is setting up a workout routine.

Checking into the Luna Diamond hotel in Da Nang, Vietnam it was hard to not notice how closely located to the beach the hotel is. Long interrupted stretches of sandy beach with clear waters, this might equal good sunbathing and relaxing opportunities for some, but the first thought that popped into my head was barefoot beach runs!

Beach Running in Da Nang Vietnam

One thing that I really enjoyed about living in the Gold Coast, Australia, was the great beaches and running barefoot on them.

Yes, it’s intense and hard work the first time you try. Soft sand, hard sand, wet sand and uneven terrain, the conditions can be unpredictable and your calf muscles will sting like never before. Oh and let’s not forget the hard skin on your feet and toes after smashing a 10km run on the sand. It can be difficult, testing and also very rewarding.

Over the past few years, training on the beach has become one of my favourite ways to run, followed closely by off-road trails. Beach running definitely requires patience as sometimes you might as well be going backwards. Dare to take few months off and the harsh beach will punish you for you disobedience! It can be challenging, but like any challenge, once completed the rewards are greater.

To be honest, the weather wasn’t great during my 2 weeks in Da Nang as it rained every day. Some days it was just raining half a day, some days for a few hours and more days than I would have liked it rained all day. While I may have missed out on seeing some sights, what it did mean is there was plenty of time for running in Da Nang.

Non Nouc Beach is a great spot for running in Da Nang and has been rated by Tripadvisor as one of the top 25 beaches in Asia for 2014. During the afternoon, the beach is fairly quiet, with only fishermen, locals and the odd tourist bus around. In the evening as the light turns to dark it can get a little busier with local teenagers playing beach football.

Da Nang beach is fairly spread out and it’s possible to click the switch off and just keep running. Most of my runs were standard 5km, with a couple of longer 8km jogs + some interval training thrown into the mix. At certain points pull up and dip bars are fitted, meaning you can break up the run by waking up the brain with some body weight exercises.

I’m sure there are other great sports for running in Da Nang, but for my time here running on the Da Nang beach was my favourite. It’s safe, mostly clean and has great views of the Lady Budda. The locals a friendly bunch too, even stopping me a few times to get photo’s with the sweaty foreigner! Although one thing I often wonder is, what do all the friendly folk do with all these random photos of the running guy?

Location: Non Nuoc Beach, Hòa Hải, Da Nang, Vietnam

Accommodation in Da Nang

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Things to Do in Da Nang

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