With the proper equipment and reliable guidance, scuba diving can be one of the most tranquil and awe-inspiring experiences you can have. Even though oceans cover 70% of this planet, there are not that many hotspots that offer idyllic conditions for this underwater activity. Thankfully, some of these opportune environments are also home to the most breathtaking marine life and underwater landscapes. If this interests you, here are the best places to start scuba diving.


Right now, the waters around Indonesia are the undisputed top hotspots for scuba diving. The archipelago of circa 17,000 islands offers incredible treasure trove environments, and you are bound to find a nook or cranny only for yourself. Due to the sheer vastness and beauty of the locale, it is hardly crowded. From the waters of Gili Trawangan to Tulamben’s rocky shores, Indonesia offers the most colourful underwater environment you’ll ever encounter.

Scuba Diving Indonesia


The Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System is one of the most impressive reefs on the globe, and even though it is not as gargantuan as the Great Barrier Reef, it can compete regarding beauty. It is a hub of many diving sights, and you can inquire at Belize Diving Services or Frenchie’s for friendly instructors. However, do not try out the iconic Great Blue Hole unless you have some experience – it is only reserved for seasoned divers. The best time to go for diving adventures off the shores of Belize is in the middle of May when the weather is practically perfect. Avoid the rainy season which stretches from December to April.

Scuba Diving Belize

Cayman Islands

You cannot even consider a diving adventure without putting the Cayman Islands on the top of your list. The mini-grouping that consists of three islands, one big and the two small ones, is a real diving heaven. In fact, Little Cayman, the most minor of three islands, is one of the leading diving locations on the whole planet. There are over 50 dive sites which include the iconic Bloody Bay Wall, and the service and organisation are perfect for all first-timers. You can equip yourself at Grand Cayman dive shops before embarking on a journey to the fish-infested shipwrecks and colourful corals.

Scuba Dving Cayman Islands


Once you arrive in Nassau, you will be surprised by the number of divers and boats filled with diving equipment. When you set sail off the coast of the Bahamas and take notice of the pristine and warm waters with the visibility that averages on 80 feet, things start to clear up a bit. In fact, the sea is so reliably clear; you will be spoiled for choice. Bahama Divers and Stuart Cove’s near Adelaide Village offer the most reliable experience for beginners. The best time to visit is from October to June when it’s not hurricane season.

Scuba Dving Cayman Islands


If you are in the mood for diving, Santa Cruz on Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is a spectacular location – standing on the convergence of ocean currents, it is a diving location which is as unique as they come. With the right guidance, you will get a chance not only to see the vibrant marine life but also get close to impressive sea creatures such as sea lions and hammerhead sharks. Since the currents in these waters tend to be strong, make sure to find the best scuba equipment and instructors in Santa Cruz. If you are a beginner who truly enjoys excitement, this will be a real trial by fire and a rite of passage into underwater adventuring you will boast about for years.

Scuba Diving Galapagos

If this is your first-time scuba diving, we assure you there is nothing to be scared of. You do not need lengthy training or preparation to enjoy this activity as a tourist. With dedicated professionals at your side, you will get a chance to fall in love with this free-floating underwater adventure and come back for more whenever the occasion occurs.

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