The Best Places to Stay in Malta

The best places to stay in Malta #travelblog #ttot #travelmore
Are you looking to find the best places to stay in Malta?

A little retreat within the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is an island nation with a rich background along with spectacular scenery. Inhabited from before the Neolithic period, visiting its historic temples are a must and its entire capital is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Considered by many as a bridge between Europe and Africa, Malta provides a unique mixture of cultures for to guests to experience. Both English and Maltese are spoken as the nation’s formal languages.

Sun, sand, and diving

Visitors travel to Malta for many reasons, but its fair to say the warm Mediterranean environment tops the list. Either that or the Game of Thrones tour – where you can join local actors who took part in HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones as they unravel the secrets and adventures of the popular show.

Malta is also renowned for its ideal diving spots and its clear blue water. Its array of underwater caves and reefs make the perfect diving experience.

Come in the summertime and you will be treated to picture-perfect ocean views, excellent diving conditions and also Instagram worthy beaches. Summers are often dry and hot, and the sunlight shines as much as 12 hours every single day.

Even Malta’s winter remains moderate with some periodic chilly winds, therefore is still relatively enjoyable to those coming from cooler European locations,

The best places to stay in Malta

The best places to stay in Malta remains up for debate between the locals, however, i’m sure they will agree it’s hard to go wrong with any of the following destinations:

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The best places to stay in Malta #travelblog #ttot #travelmoreSt. Paul’s Bay

As the largest habitat on the north side of Malta, its stunning 18th-century buildings, a variety of restaurants and clear blue waters are what attracts so many looking for the perfect travel destination.

St Paul’s Bay is the ideal location to explore Malta’s traditional cobbled streets and enjoying the best seafronts. The magnificent coastline views and blue waters attract visitors from around the world.

If sun and sea rate high on your travel priorities then St Paul’s Bay is the place to be.


The UNESCO world heritage city of Valletta is the capital of Malta and houses some of the most magnificent building in the region. Valletta’s has a small but exceptional charm.
Its array of food and history means it’s ideally suited for those travellers looking for a taste of culture.

Valletta has a broad range of building dating from the 16th century onwards. Buildings including Malta’s most impressive church, St John’s Co-Cathedral, which was designed and built between 1573 and 1578.

Roaming through the city backstreets, you will stumble upon a selection cafes and restaurants serving up local gourmet dishes.

The impressive piazzas are the perfect place to drink a glass of wine and watch the world go by.

Choose Valletta for good food, good wine, and plenty of culture.

The best places to stay in Malta #travelblog #ttot #travelmore


The attractive town of Sliema is situated on the northern coast of Malta and is a perfect spot for those looking for something a little more laid back. Being located only a short distance away from the capital Valletta, Sliema is the perfect place to let it go, while still having all the city comforts being close by.

The town started to develop in the second half of the 19th century when the wealthy Valletta locals began to use it as a seafront getaway location.

Villas and townhouses can be found along the quiet streets and various Victorian buildings along the sea promenade. Nowadays, Sliema is a perfect travel destination mixing history with sun and sea.

The Strand is the main promenade in Sliema is the go-to place to buy traditional gifts from some of the best shops on the island.

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay lives up to its name with its clear blue waters and its younger crowd looking for a good time. Renowned for its well-kept beaches and tropical temperatures, just the right combination of sun and relaxation make Paradise Bay.

The beachfront and sparkling waters are what keep visitors coming back year after year. Walk up to the cliffs above the bay to see the spectacular skies and distant views of the islands of Comino and Gozo.

The sunset is not bad either!

Paradise Bay is also home to one of Malta’s biggest beach parties: Love Sexy held each year at the end of May and features some well recognised DJs.

For food, it’s best to head down to the seafront, The area is also the home of many bars, where you can sip on a cocktail or a pint of beer, and if you want – party the night away on the sands.


Gozo is referred to by many as Malta’s hidden gem because it’s the perfect place to escape from the chaos of everyday life. While it might not have the same lure or options as city life, its picturesque views certainly make up for what it lacks in facilities.

Despite being one of the quieter islands of Malta, it is still home to many celebrations and festivals.

In the Gozo Folk Festival in August is possible to dance the night away and in October there’s the Festival of Lights.

The capital of Gono, Victoria hosts a range of local street markets. Through the area’s rich historical heritage it’s possible to see examples of some great medieval architecture.

Victoria features a beautiful Citadel, a medieval fortified viewing point, cathedral, opera house and science museum.

The best places to stay in Malta #travelblog #ttot #travelmore

Which part of Malta will you fall in love with?

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  1. Mike

    Great post! I was in Malta briefly last year and loved it. Stayed in the Golden Bay area, and it was a lot like how you described Gozo, relaxing and incredibly picturesque. Will definitely head back soon and check out more of the country!

  2. Danny

    Another interesting post Barry. Never been to Malta (or lots or Europe for that matter) but would love to try one day. Looks like a good place to make a trip in 2017!

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