Experience surfing at Bora Bora #surfing #travel #ttot @Marie_S_Nieves

Bora Bora is so magnificent that they had to name it twice. Bora Bora is a beautiful small island in the Pacific ocean, 143 miles north-west from Papeete. There is an extinct volcano in the centre, and a lagoon and a barrier reef around it.

Historically it was called “Pora pora mai te pora“ which means, “created by the gods“ in Tahitian.

It was later abridged to Pora Pora (which means first born), but because of the Tahitian ambiguities in the phonemes, it was also pronounced Bola Bola or Bora Bora, which stayed ever since.

Where to stay and what to eat

Since the island is very small, you will have no trouble getting around and it is made for visitors.

When it comes to the best of the best – The Brando resort is an absolute winner. It may look expensive, but when you consider all the stuff that’s included in the price – spa treatments, meals, drinks, minibar, etc. it’s not even worth having second thoughts.

Not to mention the environmental factor – they all use energy from renewable sources.

Dish to try

Two words: Poisson Cru. This is an extraordinary delicacy here. Raw fish (usually tuna) is marinated with vegetables, coconut milk and lime.

At every restaurant, it tastes differently, but I liked it best at Snack Mahana. Also, if you want to meet some locals, come early for lunch.

Experience surfing at Bora Bora #surfing #travel #ttot @Marie_S_Nieves

Pre-booking activities

If you are worried about getting bored – you won’t. Just wait till you read about the water activities at Bora Bora.

When you pack your schedule with all that guided activities, you will have no time to relax, you will be exposed to the sun all the time, and you will miss the opportunity to meet the locals.

If you want to look around, I suggest you book a half-day tour on the island on your first day for example, and a half-day lagoon tour on your second day.


There are two surfing spots on Bora Bora – Taevanui Pass (which is easiest to reach) and Motu Pitiaau.

The surfing conditions here are the best in the world. The waves are huge (since this is a cyclonic area) and the water is magnificent. That pureness and colour left me speechless. As you are surfing, you are enjoying the speed of waves and some breathtaking sceneries.

There is also an option to take kite surfing lessons where you will learn the techniques of this sport and have the time of your life. Get your adrenaline flowing and make sure you try this out.

Experience surfing at Bora Bora #surfing #travel #ttot @Marie_S_Nieves

Underwater Experiences

There are so many different activities here. Why only be above and in the water when you can also be all the way at the bottom?

You can try out the aqua safari, where you are walking underwater with an air-supplied helmet on your head and admire the beautiful fish and corals.

You can take a submarine scooter and drive under the water as well. If you are not a fan of getting wet you can go for a glass bottom boat tour or a tank dive and glide over/under the sea with a full underwater view.

For my fellow adrenaline junkies, there’s the option of swimming with sharks and stingrays. There are also opportunities for snorkelling for those who are not that fond of sharks.


The water is not the only unusual thing on Bora Bora. There are many beautiful villages, World War II remains, ancient temples and many breathtaking sceneries.

You can rent a 4×4 jeep or go on a private tour.

There is also a possibility to stop at the volcano crater where you will experience the beautiful Bora Bora sunset. Besides safaris and exploring tours, you can go for picnics, camping, catamaran trips, skydiving, etc.

Experience Bora Bora #borabora #travel #ttot @Marie_S_Nieves

That would be it for me when it comes to my travel experience. Make sure that you buy the Bora Bora signature souvenir – the Black Pearl of Tahiti.

You can get them at pearl farms where they will also show you how they are cultivated. When you buy a pearl, make sure that you receive a government certificate that proves your pearl is harvested at the proper size.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your surfing board, your mosquito repellent and hop on a plane for Bora Bora.

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