How to Get Cheap Car Hire in Australia

$1 Car hire in Australia and New ZealandThere’s a way to get cheap car hire in Australia.

How cheap?…well very cheap!

Australia can be a bit pricey sometimes. As a travel destination, it can be easy to go over the budget when spending time exploring down under.

Ever since I first came to Australia 2008, I’ve been experimenting with different ways to see the huge country without breaking the bank. If you follow my blog, you might have read posts about Couchsurfing, airport sleeping and flying for free. All of these enabled me to save money while in Australia.

However, there another way I use that allows you to see Australia on the cheap.

Why Hire a Car?

Flying is useful if you want to go directly from city to city in Australia. However, the most convenient way to see out the way places is by driving.

I’m the first to admit a love a good road trip, and Australia is a great place to start planning one. The distances between cities are enormous, and there are lots of unique places in-between them to see.

By taking a road trip you will see parts other tourists often overlook. On a road trip, it’s possible to explore beyond the usual favourites like Cairns, Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney.

Stepping into some of these smaller Aussie towns can be like stepping back in time. They offer a different side of Australia that’s hard to find in the big cities.

Aussies love their cars and although it can be expensive to buy one 2nd hand luckily renting a one isn’t.

How Get Cheap Hire Car in Australia

Cheap Car Hire in Australia: The Basics

So how exactly do you get the cheapest of the cheap car hire in Australia?

Well, car hire companies often need to relocate vehicles.

This can sometimes be due to an increased demand in other areas. More often than not is because a customer has hired it for a one-way trip and dropped it off at airport miles away from where it started

These vehicles frequently need returning to the original destination. Transporting it by truck can be expensive for the car hire firm.

Car hire firms, therefore, offer one-way deals that give you the opportunity to relocate the vehicles for them at a price you can’t beat.

I have seen deals for less than $10 AUD but found its Europcar that has the cheapest rate at the moment. One way rentals are from just $1!

$1 Car hire in Australia and New Zealand Click To Tweet specialises in this kind of one-way trip and advertises some great deals also.

And another is which has Melbourne to Sydney deals for $10 a day.

Melbourne to Sydney for $10 a day

Advantages vs Disadvantages

There are a few advantages and disadvantages in these offers which might determine if this kind of travel is for you.

Advantages include:

  1. It’s the cheapest type of hire car you can get in Australia
  2. Well maintained vehicles with airconditioning
  3. You get a plenty time to complete the journey
  4. Decent kilometre allowance
  5. You get to see parts of Australia most other travellers overlook

Disadvantages include:

  1. Specific start and endpoint
  2. No option to chose type of vehicle
  3. Limited availability
  4. Dates changes quickly


Starting at $1 one-way relocations offer some of the cheapest hire car available in Australia. Unless that is you can find a company willing to pay you to take their car…

The $1 Europcar rental I booked from Coffs Harbor to Sydney included all the fees such as administration and GST. On a side note, they have the same deals in New Zealand too.

Each hire company is different so its best to whats included or not. Some of the longer trips also have unlimited kilometres included.

If you want to find cheap car hire in Australia using one-way relocations deals is the best way. Aussie car hire firms run them frequently.

It always pays to ask if they’re not advertised!

How to Get Cheap Car Hire in Australia

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