Embracing a Simple Travel Lifestyle

Simple Travel Lifestyle Principles

Life becomes much simpler by travelling slowly through different countries – it has too.

On the road, without the distractions of home, many travellers will find it’s easier to embrace a minimalistic and less stressful lifestyle.

Only by cutting away the fat and excess can we live a healthier and less chaotic life. Embracing a simple travel lifestyle and mindset will change your life, but only if you allow them too.

Having all your necessary possessions for the next few months fit into overhead a storage locker or under a seat can be a strange but rewarding feeling.

As much as you love playing on the Xbox on a 50+ inch widescreen TV, these once much-treasured items are not going to fit in a small backpack. All gadgets you own now must have a purpose or function; otherwise, it’s just dead weight. In fact, the majority of products I previously owned wouldn’t have any practical use on an island in the Pacific.

A simple travel lifestyle focuses around spending money on life experiences, rather than the latest material objects or fad that you don’t actually need in your life.

The locals in the pub back home might be drowning their sorrows and complaining about how bad the government or health care systems is. However, as a traveller, you slowly come to realise things aren’t as bad as people make out. Plenty of countries are in a much a worse position than your hometown will ever be.

Here’s my observation anyway: I have never been to a country where the locals are100% happy with their government.

A simple travel lifestyle isn’t exclusively available for a particular age or demographic of society to enjoy. It doesn’t care if you got sacked from your first job stacking shelves at the supermarket or didn’t attend lectures at college because you were always hung-over. A master’s degree in business, while arguably wouldn’t do you any harm, is not a requirement in a new foreign city. It won’t help you find the nearest post office any faster.

I’m going to go against the grain here and say you don’t need to be a Manchester United football player, a Hollywood actress, or a member of a famous boy band to afford to travel long term.

During my adult life, I have continually sought to find the best tools to help me create something out of nothing. A productive life that could be obtainable without having the right connections or bank accounts overflowing with cash. This path of experimenting, learning and discovery led me in many different directions. Most importantly it lead me down the path of embracing a simple travel lifestyle.

Embracing a Simple Travel Lifestyle


Freedom means creating time to travel how, what, where, and when you want.


Having the option to learn new languages, subjects, hobbies or skills.


Using tomorrow to explore a new cave, or simply a new coffee shop.


Money can’t buy health, vitality and being fit enough to achieve goals.


The richest moments of our life occur when surrounded by others.

Simple Travel Lifestyle header image created by ToolsofTravel at Boracay

Barry Sproston
Barry is a traveller and expat who spends most of his time between Asia and Australia. He has spent 12 months training at a Gung Fu school learning Wing Chun. Explored the island of Taiwan by scooter more than once. Been tricked into eating raw horse meat sushi in Japan. Even tried to overcome the fear of heights by bungee jumping in Thailand. One day he plans to open a guesthouse.
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