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Ever thought about exploring Australia off the beaten track? @Marie_S_Nieves #australia #travel We’ve all had that urge – to go off the beaten path even in places we don’t really know. They say curiosity killed the cat, but that old saying never scared off a true adventurer. Australia is one of the rare places in the world that offer a true sense of adventure. Several kilometers inland, you will find the most beautiful and terrifying landscapes you’ll ever see. If you count yourself among these bold adventurers, here are some suggestions on how to explore Australia off the beaten track.

So many places to discover

Australia is known for its best-kept secrets. After all, in the overwhelming vastness of the bush, it’s hard to pinpoint and visit every interesting location in one go. If you don’t think you are ready for the outback, you can start off with some of the hidden gems on the shore. Ningaloo Reef, on the West Coast, is a perfectly preserved marine paradise. Many people come here and swim from the shore line at Exmouth to the reef in order to get a chance to dive with whale sharks, the gentle giants of the sea.

Most of the national parks you can visit are also close to the shore, which is convenient as you gather “courage” to go further inland. Kakadu National Park, at the top of Northern Territories, is a special treat with a stretch of wetlands and impenetrable wilderness covering the surface equal to half of Switzerland.

Coober Pedy is also worth paying a visit. It’s an unbelievable little town, sometimes referred to as the opal capital of the world because this area is extremely rich in precious opal. The climate during the day is so hot, which is why most of the town is underground, which means you’ll spend most of your time in underground museums, pubs, and residences. It’s a truly unique experience most people don’t know about.

Ever thought about exploring Australia off the beaten track? @Marie_S_Nieves #australia #travel

From concrete to trees

No matter where you decide to go, you always start off in a city. If your plane lands in Sydney, make sure to rent a place online over Flatmates.com and get a spectacular sleepover on Bondi Beach. It’s one of the most iconic beaches in New South Wales, and you’ll need a quality rest before your adventure begins.

From here on, you can choose to visit one of many impressive hidden locations in New South Wales. For example, River Red Gum National Park doesn’t get as nearly enough praise as it deserves. You’ll see some of the most impressive wildlife running around freely – from koalas to kangaroos, all of the iconic Australian fauna can be found in this national park. You can also do some kayaking on the Murrumbidgee River, Australia’s second longest river.

Glenworth Valley is another impressive location in New South Wales and only an hour north of Sydney. Although a tranquil region, it is still perfect for adventurers. There’s a range of activities offered there, from above-mentioned kayaking, biking, horse riding to camping – so it’s impossible to be bored.

Ever thought about exploring Australia off the beaten track? @Marie_S_Nieves #australia #travel

How about Tasmania?

Tasmania is truly off the beaten path for many people, which is quite surprising, considering it has sights that will take your breath away and its mascot animal, the Tasmanian devil, is also a legendary Warner Bros cartoon character. In fact, one would think Australia’s largest island is the first thing on the list for tourists who visit it for the first time.

The fact that it is not swamped with tourists makes it a perfect choice for your off-the-beaten-path adventure. It is known for its perfectly preserved nature and impressive biosphere. It has numerous natural parks on its southwest side, with especially beautiful nature surrounding the gigantic lakes – Lake Gordon and Lake Pedder. Its capital city Hobart, which is tucked away within a bay in the southeast corner, is a beautifully preserved town for all the visitors who want to take a break and have an easy day.

Ever thought about exploring Australia off the beaten track? @Marie_S_Nieves #australia #travel

No matter where you go, safety comes first. Especially if you decide to go off the beaten track in a traitorous terrain of the Australian outback, make sure to have a backup plan, all the necessary supplies and secure contact with civilization. It’s better to be safe than sorry, as every experienced trekker will likely say to you.

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