Flying Eastar Jet from Seoul to Taipei

 Flying Eastar Jet Seoul To Taipei

Flying Eastar Jet from Seoul to Taipei

Low priced airlines like Eastar Jet are called such since they target people who are particularly cost conscious by offering a budget option of flying. By stripping back many of the frills normally offered with air travel, low price airlines have the ability to offer exceptionally low fares.

Low priced airlines daily fares usually are significantly less, often half that of the typical airlines. If you have the ability to snag one of their promotional fares, you can pay less than a hotel room. However, of course, it all comes at a cost, as they tend to ask you to pay for mostly everything extra. Apart from the seat you are sitting on.

I have used budget airlines like Air Asia, Scoot, Tigerair, Jetstar, Ryanair, EasyJet, and Vueling for many travel adventures over the years. Currently travelling around Asia, Air Asia is my go to a budget carrier at the moment. I have already used their services three times this year, but the problem is Air Asia doesn’t fly direct from Seoul to Taipei. This isn’t always a bad thing, as I’m always keen to try out a new airline and this is where Eastar Jet came out to play.

Eastar is a low cost airline flying out of Seoul that provides cheap seats on a limited number of domestic and Asian destinations.

Having used Scoot to fly from Australia to Singapore and Hong Kong before, my original plan to fly with them on a red eye flight to Taipei. Nevertheless, while searching various other cheap flight options, I found both Seoul and Taipei have secondary airports. Before the expansion of new international airports, Gimpo airport in Seoul and Songshan airport in Taipei, once served as primary airports for the cities. Eastar Jet uses these two airports and because they are located closer to the city centre than the main international airports, some travel transit time can be saved.

I found using the Eastar Jet website for the first time a little tedious. The flight booking wouldn’t processes and basically a lot of going back and forward occurred. However, thankfully the second attempt a few days later was more successful.

The website is basic, but functional and offers English for non-Korean speakers. Selecting the routes and booking the tickets was a fairly straightforward and the flight was confirmed second time around. Once the booking was completed a verification email was sent to my inbox.

Flying Eastar Jet Seoul To Taipei

Eastar Jet Seoul to Taipei booking details

Not many low-cost airlines offer is checked in baggage included with the ticket price, so it’s a plus that Eastar Jet offers 15kg of checked baggage with each flight seat. Extra fees of 10,000KRW (6.00GBP / 8.99USD) per KG will be applied if you are carrying more than this.

Flying Eastar Jet Seoul To Taipei

Getting to Gimpo airport from downtown Seoul is simple to navigate by using the subway. The green line took me direct to the airport and at a cost of 1250KRW (0.75GBP / 1.15US) is a bargain. Once at Gimpo station, a short walk and you arrive at the terminal.

When I arrived at the airport, Eastar Jet check in staff informed me that the original departure time of 11 AM was delayed, with the flight time being pushed back by a couple of hours. As I wasn’t in a much of a hurry, the delay time was used to catch up on some reading.

Once on board the passenger jet, the trip itself was comfortable and above the average standard of what one would usually expect of a low priced budget airline. More than enough complimentary drinks were offered by the friendly staff during the flight, with tea, juice and water being on available.

Flying Eastar Jet Seoul To Taipei

Eastar Jet leg room

Flying Eastar Jet Seoul To Taipei

View of the Isle from the second row

Overall the journey from Seoul to Taipei was suited for those like me who just want to travel simply and don’t need the extras. Sure there were some technical errors when first trying to book a seat via the website and the flight delay would annoy some. However, the friendly staff and comfortable flight more than made up for it.

Realistically there’s not much chance that I will be visiting South Korea again in the next couple of years, but if I do its highly likely I would consider using Eastar Jet again.

Flying Eastar Jet Seoul To Taipei

Flying Eastar Jet Seoul To Taipei – Arrived at Taipei TSA airport

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