Not everyone is a fan of camping, and that’s partly down the fact that they imagine it’s going to uncomfortable, untidy, and dirty. Although that can be the case (which is exactly how some campers prefer it), it doesn’t have to be. Here are some excellent ways that you can enjoy camping comfortably.

Make Your Tent Your Home

Just because you’re sleeping outside that doesn’t mean you can’t have all your home comforts with you. To be as comfortable as possible, you need to make your tent like a mini home for the duration of your vacation. That starts with the tent itself – you need one big enough for you and everything you want to take, and you should be able to stand up in it if you possible. A good sleeping bag is also essential if you want to be comfortable. It’s true that it won’t be quite like sleeping in your own bed, but with a good pad underneath, it won’t be too far off.

You may need to invest in a trailer or a roof rack (you can discover more about them here) to take everything you want with you, but if it means you’re going to enjoy your time away from home better, it’s totally worth doing. Even if you don’t use everything you bring, just knowing it’s, there will help you feel more comfortable.

Bring Good Food

You’re camping so that means you need to bring food that can be cooked over a campfire, a small camping stove, or perhaps a barbecue. You also need to bring food that isn’t going to go off quickly, especially if you’re miles away from the nearest grocery store. This doesn’t mean that the food you bring with you has to be cheap and nasty, though. Far from it. You can bring good food with you if you pack it carefully and take care to check for expiry dates before you leave home. You could bring good sausages, steak, homemade burgers, and of course plenty of vegetables that can be turned into fries or roasted.

Have Enough Lighting

A camp without enough lighting is not a comfortable place to be. It can even be dangerous, particularly if you have to get up in the night for the bathroom and have to pick your way across the forest floor to the right spot. Relying on your cellphone’s flashlight app isn’t going to help you when its battery is flat. Buy some solar powered lights and stake them into the ground around your campsite, leading a path to the bathroom area. That way, when the sun goes down, you don’t have to worry.

Prep At Home

If you can get as much ready for your camping trip as you can before you leave home, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience much more without worrying about the little things. This could mean prepping the food (perhaps making some great herb and spice mixes to make it all much tastier) or planning an itinerary. It definitely includes checking all your gear is good to go. That way, when you arrive all you need to do is relax.

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