Working out at a Kuching Weights Gym

Kuching Weights Gym

Working out at a Kuching Weights Gym

Staying around China Town area, the nearest gym was Level Up Fitness.

Level Up Fitness is your usual commercial type fitness gym with various classes and so on targeted more at those who want to lose weight.

Although the rates to join aren’t so shocking if signing up for 12 or 24 months, they wanted a ridiculous 50MYR (£9.13) when I walked in asking the price for a single gym session!

Considering you can purchase a decent sized meal for as little as 3MYR  (£0.55) here, a quick executive decision concluded the budget traveller doesn’t pay 50MYR to use weights for an hour.

Kuching Weights Gym

Working out at a Kuching Weights Gym

So a further search via the Here maps app on my phone revealed another by the name of Muscle and Fitness Gym further along the road, just past the park I had been running in.

Now Muscle and Fitness Gym is located on top of a block of shops, set back slightly from the main road. To be honest it’s fairly easy to find, just keep an eye out for the gym sign on the building. It’s located on the second floor it could be walked past if not paying attention.

Once you walk up the 1st lot of stairs, the doorway on the left will lead through into the gym.

I’m sure you’re wondering what the walk-in cost is here, well it’s gonna set you back 5MYR (£0.91) a session. A quite reasonable price by anyone’s standards.

It’s important to note no one actually works at the gym, so the system is just place your gym fee in the money box located on the left-hand side of the gym. I didn’t have 5MYR in change and put 10 note in the first time, so remember to bring some change.

A workout session at the Muscle and Fitness Gym in Kuching isn’t going to provide you with the same selection of equipment as Level Up Fitness. For those looking to train here, don’t expect to be greeted with treadmills, rowing machines and an array of cardio machines. However, at 1/10th of the price, it isn’t going to make too much of a dent in your travel budget either.

Muscle and Fitness Gym is geared more towards the muscles and less towards fitness.

But most importantly for strength training, weighted dumbbells and barbells can be found here, so what else do you need from a Kuching gym? Oh yeah, they have a power rack, few benches and, of course, a cable machine or two. There’s even an old boxing bag hanging in the corner that looks like Rocky has worked a few rounds on.

During my time in Kuching, I trained at Muscle and Fitness gym three times. Ok granted the gym isn’t the largest in the world and it can get busy afternoon times with the after work crowd.

But the atmosphere is a fairly relaxed one, with the local guys being friendly enough to a foreigner training in their gym. One fella even addressed me as sir every time we spoke, which was a little funny.

For those wanting to get changed after the workout, a toilet is provided and a place to store your bag can be found in the corner of the gym. Just remember there is no air conditioning, so do bring a good sized bottle of water or you will suffer. A towel would help too.

Kuching Weights Gym Accommodation

I stayed at the Woodpecker Lodge, but the following places were also spotted for less than 20MYR (£3.64) a night:

Things to Do in Kuching

Some places to visit around Kuching are:

Bako National Park –  Semenggoh Nature Reserve – Sarawal Cultral VilageThe Great Orangutan Project – Mount Santubong 

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