Leather travel products have a certain appeal to them. Whether in its natural state or dyed, leather adds an edge to a product. Even though styles can quickly go in and out of fashion, leather accessories to me always remain timeless.

They look as good exploring the coffee shops of Italy as they do attending an office meeting.

Genuine leather also has the advantage that it doesn’t peel or crack.

Yet it’s probably one of the only materials that I can think of that looks better after it has a few scratches and scuffs. In many cases, leather looks better with age and its durability means if treated correctly it can last a lifetime.

Although nylon cases and pouches have now become the norm for travel accessories, there’s something about them that just doesn’t have the same appeal as leather.

Handmade Leather Accessories

In a world where everything seems to be mass produced the range of products that are made by hand is slowly disappearing. It can be difficult to find a good quality leather goods manufacturer who can supply what you’re after.

Founded in 2012, Galen Leather is a small business based out of Istanbul whose owners turned their hobby of making leather goods into their career.

Galen Leather is a small business based out of Istanbul

They are one of the few success stories that have been fortunate enough to turn their passion into a flourishing business and it shows throughout their range of accessories.

Designed and handmade in Turkey, their leather travel products offer a bit of style for frequent travellers like me.

Galen leather

Their range includes leather notebook covers, pen cases, MacBook cases, iPad sleeves, travel accessories and the following two products I am now using:

EDC Wallet

The EDC (every day carry) wallet is a minimalist styled zippered wallet that can fit inside a pocket, jacket or backpack.

Since receiving my leather travel products in the post, I have been using the EDC wallet to hold a mixture of my travel gadgets and trinkets. So much so, that I will probably need to pick up another one eventually.

It’s a great addition to any packing list as the size makes it perfect for holding spare cash, credit and travel cards. Or business cards for us who work and travel at the same time.

 EDC (Every Day Carry) wallet t

It can fit also fit an A7 size notebook, Kaweco sport or similar size pens, a mini flashlight, multi-tools, small headphones and a variety of other accessories.

The pen loop on the outside is handy addition too.

For those who EDC gear fans who are looking for some handmade leather products that can hold your small bits and bobs for travel, this wallet could be what you after.

The colour of my EDC Wallet is crazy horse tan, which is described by Galen as:

Distressed tan-brown colour showing undertones of brown, caramel and walnut. Ages and softens quicker compared to regular leather. Suede feeling finish.

Dimensions: 11.5 x 9 x 2 cm (4.52 x 3.54 x 0.78 inches) when closed. 11.5 x 15.5 cm (4.52 x 6.10 inches) when opened.

A5 Notebook Cover

Over the years I have tried various programs and apps on my laptop, tablets and smartphone for taking notes. And while some of these electronic methods of been semi successful, the one method that always works for me is good old fashion note-taking.

Some say the old ways are the best ways and when it comes to writing down things give me a pen and paper (plus no online distractions) any day!

Whether you keep a travel journal, blog or are just jotting down a creative idea before it disappears forever, a notebook gets the job done.

Yet the one issue I have with notebooks is they do get mauled around in my bag. It’s not uncommon for me to rip the front cover off plus a few pages from a soft covered notebook.

my new A5 Notebook Cover

Handmade from a heavy-duty leather that looks like it would last forever, my new A5 Notebook Cover not only protects my notes – but it does it in style!

It has 3 main internal pockets; one phone pocket and two card holders.

Travel cards

On the left side, you can put a field-sized notes notebook, passport or mobile phone. Under the pockets on both sides, there are sleeves that can store an iPad sized device.

An elastic band holds the main A5 sized notebook in place inside on the right side and wraps around the left side of the cover to keep the case securely closed.

It’s the first time I’ve owned a notebook cover as extravagant as this and even though it’s only been a couple of weeks, I’ve already had comments on the design and quality of workmanship from others.

The colour of my A5 notebook holder is crazy horse brown.

Dimensions A5 Notebook Holder: 17 x 23 cm (6.7 x 9.1 inches). The notebook holder also comes come in s A6, B5 and A4-A4+ sizes.

Possible Future Add-Ons

Once you find a manufacturer who can produce high-quality leather travel products that suit your EDC and travel needs, there’s always going to be something extra to add.

Although I already have a great wallet, I’ve been eying up the no.40 handmade leather slim card wallet for a possible future accessory. Maybe another EDC wallet too.

For the products I’m using now stay tuned to the blog for further updates on how they hold up to the rigours of regular travel and EDC.

I will post more pictures once they have started to wear more.

If you want more information about Galen products you can also check out their website galenleather.com or follow them on Instagram @galenleather

They currently post their products worldwide.

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