Misplaced Air Asia Baggage

Forgotten Air Asia Baggage

Misplaced Air Asia Baggage

There’s always a risk when flying that your check-in bag could go missing, or simply not turn up at the destination.

Most seasoned travellers will try to ‘tone down’ the risk by placing electronic and valuable essential items in their carry-on bag. Of course, there are some restrictions on what you can take as carry-on on board the plane, but as the bag in question will stay with you at all times, there is less chance it can get lost.

Having travelled a great deal over the past few years, boarding 23 flights last year alone, I have to admit I’ve been riding the travelling wave of luck for a while now. Never had a bag lost, delayed or anything similar yet, I should be thankful.

However, I find it’s best practice to live by the motto – hope for the best, plan for the worst.

My laptop, charging cables, contact lens, and a spare change of clothing, all go into my 30-litre daypack. Everything else on this trip, mostly dirty clothing, and snacks (of course lots of them!) will go in my checked in Porter 46 litre backpack.

You can plan all you want, but it’s still going to be a pain if it happens.

It just so happened that today was that day!

Stepping off an incredibly cheap Air Asia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching, I drifted through the usual immigration passport checks and so on. By the time I arrived at the luggage carousel, most of the luggage had been collected, leaving only a few bags left.

After a couple of minutes of standing around, Alex, a member of Air Asia staffs baggage department, kindly informed me my bag had, in fact, be left behind at Kuala Lumpur.

It appeared my wave of luck had come to an end!

Now when faced with this kind of situation you can either jump up and down like a frog or just accept that sometimes bad luck does happen.

I decided to take the 2nd stance.

Things get delayed, lost, sometimes broken. There’s never going to be a perfect solution to guarantee 100% that mistakes won’t happen.

Alex was very helpful about the situation and, to be honest, looked like he was half expecting me to give him an ear bashing. He explained my forgotten Air Asia baggage would on the next available plane flying from KL to Kuching.

After filling out an irregular baggage form, providing my hotel and contact details, I was informed the next flight would be arriving in around 3 hours time, at 5.30pm.

The bag would be dropped off at the place2stay hotel where I was staying the night.

My thoughts of wearing the same clothes for the next month were eventually wrong. As promised by Alex and Air Asia, my bag was sent on another flight and delivered directly to my hotel.

Arriving at 12.15am in the morning, it was better late than never.

A member of the Air Asia staff personally dropped the bag off on the way home from work. Talk about going the extra mile (or two) for customers!

I believe you can judge a company not only on how well it performs when selling its service but also how it handles and performs when things go wrong. Sure, if I needed the contents of that bag for a business meeting or event I may not have been so relaxed.

However, I believe the Air Asia team handled the matter professionally and as well as they could. Well done to Alex on a great job and the Air Asia staff at Kuching Airport.

Well done to Alex on a great job and the Air Asia staff at Kuching Airport.


Barry Sproston

Barry is a traveller and expat who spends most of his time between Asia and Australia. He has spent 12 months training at a Gung Fu school learning Wing Chun. Explored the island of Taiwan by scooter more than once. Been tricked into eating raw horse meat sushi in Japan. Even tried to overcome the fear of heights by bungee jumping in Thailand. One day he plans to open a guesthouse.

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