Trackside at the Monaco Formula 1 #monacof1 #formula1 #f1The Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix has been run since 1929 and offers a race circuit that has many elevation changes, tight corners, and a narrow course.

Monaco is like riding a bicycle around your living room – Nelson Piquet

Monaco maybe one of the smallest countries in the world, however, one area it’s big in is Formula 1 Motorsport. It’s one of the most demanding tracks in Formula 1 racing today.

Trackside at the Monaco Formula 1 #monacof1 #formula1 #f1

Trackside at the Monaco Formula 1

Practice session for the race is held on a Thursday, instead of the usual Friday of most other F1 races.

Tickets were purchased in advance from Automobile Club de Monaco and cost 80 EUR for a seat in stand B.

Travelling a short ride from my rented apartment in nearby Nice it was hard not to be taken back by the atmosphere when arriving at the F1 race. Everything about Monaco Formula 1and the Grand Prix is glamour.

Trackside at the Monaco Formula 1 #monacof1 #formula1 #f1

From the Casino to the famous tunnel that I remember former champions like Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell racing though when I was growing up.

History, luxurious yachts, models and celebrities, Monte Carlo is a circuit like no other.

A quick Monaco Formula 1 fact: The fastest-ever lap was set by Kimi Räikkönen in qualifying for the 2006 Grand Prix, at 1m 13.532s.

It was business as usual for Lewis Hamilton in practice for the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, as the first session was topped by him as he beat his teammate Nico Rosberg by a whisker.

Trackside at the Monaco Formula 1

In a somewhat drama free second session, there were some signs of confidence for Red Bull, with Daniel Ricciardo a few of tenths behind the Mercedes.

The event of major note was when Adrian Suti, currently racing for Sauber, crashed into the barrier. A torrent of rain in the afternoon meant most of the drivers didn’t venture out in the dangerous conditions for fear of wrecking their cars.

Trackside at the Monaco Formula 1

On a drying track, the mood began to change. Nine minutes from the flag, 13 drivers had not posted a time, including both Mercedes. Hamilton eventually surfaced, but it was Alonso ended the evening fastest, completing a 1m 18.4s lap.

Trackside at the Monaco Formula 1

Trackside at the Monaco Formula 1

Streets of Monaco after the Formula 1 #formula1 #monaco #monacof1
Streets of Monaco

Monaco Formula 1 Location

Monaco Formula 1, Monaco-Ville, Monaco


Trackside at the Monaco Formula 1


  • Pete
    Posted August 14, 2016

    So cool! Wouldn’t mind visiting the F1 ? myself.

    • Barry Sproston
      Posted August 17, 2016

      Thanks Pete, it was a dream of mine for a while. I’ve also managed to tick off a few others tracks too

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