You’ll Want to Move to Sunny Brisbane After This Article

You’ll Want to Move to Sunny Brisbane After This Article  @oliver_roxana #brisbane #qldIf you’re thinking of relocating – whether from another country, or just some other city in Australia – Brisbane might be just the place for you. The city on the eastern coast of Australia is, simply put, a fantastic place to live.

With a population of around two million, it is smaller than the sprawling Sydney but still big enough to have everything you could possibly need.

Here’s some basic information you are sure to find useful if you are considering making Brisbane your home.

The Geography Lesson

You’ll Want to Move to Sunny Brisbane After This Article  @oliver_roxana #brisbane #qld

You’ll find Brisbane in Queensland, on the east coast of Australia, some 900 kilometres north of Sydney.

The city is nestled comfortably on the banks of the Brisbane River, while the hills it was built on, led by Mt. Coot-tha stands sentry above it.

While the city’s coastline is similar to wetlands, and definitely not famed for its beaches, popular beach resorts of Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts are just an hour or so’s drive away.

Queensland’s capital is one of the oldest settlements in Australia, and today it is its third biggest city – after Sydney and Melbourne. The climate in the city is subtropic. Thanks to the influence of the warm currents from the Coral Sea and the Pacific Ocean, temperatures don’t vary between seasons as much as in other Australian cities.

Summers are hot although not unbearably so, and winters are very mild, with temperatures rarely dropping below 20 degrees Celsius.

In case you were wondering, Brisbane is one of the sunniest cities Down Under, ahead of Melbourne and Sydney, with a huge 261 sunny days per year on average!

Things To See and Do

Brisbane is, not to be too biased, a beautiful city with most of the suburbs built in the Queenslander architectural style. The Central Business District (CBD for short) is the modern steel and glass heart of the city.

You’ll Want to Move to Sunny Brisbane After This Article  @oliver_roxana #brisbane #qld

If you are a fan of hiking, Mt. Coot-tha is a great place with lots of trails. The panoramic view of the CBD from the top is an unmissable experience.

It is also home to the beautiful Botanic Gardens and the Planetarium.

While golden sands and surfers’ waves are not something you will find in abundance in Brisbane due to the Mangrove ecosystem, there is a place to take a dip and enjoy the sun – smack-dab in the middle of the city.

Where? Well, at Streets Beach, of course! This man-made lagoon with white sand and turquoise water can be found at the South Bank Parklands. The city also has around two dozen swimming pools, and many parks and playgrounds, making it an excellent place to raise kids.

The culture buffs will enjoy the burgeoning music scene, the heritage buildings, the Gallery of Modern Art, the Queensland Museum, the Performing Arts Centre, and much more.

You’ll Want to Move to Sunny Brisbane After This Article  @oliver_roxana #brisbane #qld

The Perks of Living in Brisbane

A truly modern, open-minded metropolis, Brisbane offers plenty of opportunities for newcomers. Brisbanites are known for being friendly and laid back. Compared to cities with a more extreme climate and harsher seasonal changes, the weather is beautiful all year round.

The cost of living is also significantly lower than in Sydney and Melbourne.

The schools are very good in the whole city, and it’s not hard to find decent affordable accommodation in the vicinity of work or your kids’ school. When it comes to real estate, both renting and buying, you get more bang for your buck here than in the bigger cities.

If you are seriously considering a move, it’s wise to get more detailed Brisbane real estate info.

When moving, it might be advisable to rent first, so you can get to know different parts of the town, and choose the one that suits you best.

The public transport is also much nicer, cleaner and more efficient than in Sydney. The whole city, come to think of it, prides itself on being immaculate and modern.

With its unique beauty, pleasant climate and friendly people, Brisbane is a wonderful place to settle down. Just one visit is enough to fall in love with it and wish to stay. As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, Brisbane will welcome you with open arms!

You’ll Want to Move to Sunny Brisbane After This Article  @oliver_roxana #brisbane #qld

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  1. Christian Abadia

    Loved my time is Brisbane! After spending the first portion of my trip in towns like Cairns and Arlie, it was a welcomed changed once I arrived in Brisbane. I didn’t leave the CBD, but the Wheel of Brisbane gave me a good lay of the land outside of the CBD. Beautiful city!

  2. Travel Lexx

    There is nowhere in the world that ever has or will ever get anywhere near Brisbane for me. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to so many different places, but Brisbane will always be my favourite. And I am not even from there! Thanks for sharing and I definitely need to head back soon!

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