Anping Tree House

Afternoon at Anping Tree House

Anping Tree House  Found in the Anping Area of Tainan city, southern Taiwan, Anping Tree-House was previously a factory of Tait & Co. Tait & Co was a once a  prominent business and among the top-five trading businesses in Anping region during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. Abandoned for some years, a huge tree has immersed itself within the factory from a variety of angles,…

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Digital Nomad Philippines: Working Remotely in Boracay

Digital Nomad Philippines: My Boracay Experience Working Remotely

Digital Nomad Philippines I have just spent one-month on a digital nomad Philippines trip which saw me spending my time on a small island with big character. The island in question is Boracay, a popular holiday destination that is often referred to as paradise. Its golden sandy beaches make Boracay one of the most photographed destinations in the Philippines. It’s…

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