Visit to Pong Yang Farm in Thailand

Visit to Pong Yang Farm in ThailandPong Yang farm is a cosy retreat tucked away in the Pong Yang District of Northern Thailand. Built on the green mountain sides the farm offers great views of the surrounding villages.

Even though it’s only an hour or so by vehicle it’s a totally different world from the city streets of Chiang Mai.

The farm is the result of a mixture of passions from the owners. On one side you have Natjan who has 15 years of experience working for the departments of agriculture, and on the other you have Thomas who’s passion revolves around architecture.

Pong Yang Farm

My visit to Pong Yang farm was arranged as part of a larger trip to visit three different farms in the area through Farm Stay Asia. The idea of a farm stay is a relatively new concept in Thailand. It’s a unique a type of travel where you lodge on a farm, and while you’re there, you get to learn all about the various crops they produce such as vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Like the other farms I visited, at Pong Yang farm you couldn’t ask for friendlier or nicer hosts.

Breakfast at Pong Yang farm Northern Thailand

Upon arrival and every breakfast, fresh juice made from produce on the farm greeted me. Pong Yang either grows or sources most of the ingredients from its own grounds or the neighbouring farms. This means there’s never any shortage of fresh food to eat.

How great would it be to live in a place like this where you can just wake up, pick fresh organic ingredients and make fresh juice every day?

Visit to Pong Yang Farm in Thailand

Farm Life

Once settled in, we went for a wander around and learnt about the various crops grown on the farm. There was a wide selection produce ranging from Thailand herbs to tea leaves and avocados.

Visit to Pong Yang Farm in Thailand

We learnt about the various processes behind growing the different crops.

Visit to Pong Yang Farm in Thailand

It was also funny to see that the owner Natjan was very squirmish when it came to insects, considering there are so many found around the forest areas in this part of Thailand!

Visit to Pong Yang Farm in Thailand


As someone who has eaten lettuce since he was a kid, it’s slightly embarrassing not to have any idea how it’s grown. So a highlight of the trip was getting to see first hand the lettuce farming cycle, right from the moment of first planted, all the way through to picking time.

Visit to Pong Yang Farm in Thailand

The surprise was just how simple but effective the process is.

Visit to Pong Yang Farm in Thailand

All the lettuce on the farm is grown hydroponically, which means no soil is required. Just a regular supply of water connects each lettuce pod.

Visit to Pong Yang Farm in Thailand


As a man, the only time flowers usually come into play is Valentine’s Day and birthdays! However, during my stay at Pong Yang farm, we got to go behind the scenes and learn about flower production.

Visit to Pong Yang Farm in Thailand

It was impressive to see these flowers grown on such a grand scale.

Visit to Pong Yang Farm in Thailand

It came as no surprise though to learn all these bundles of joy are destined to end up on the street of Bangkok.


There’s not much point in growing all delicious vegetables and fruits if it’s only others who get to taste them.

In true Thai style, we had a cooking lesson to show us how to create delicious dishes from the various ingredients we had collected thought out the day.

Visit to Pong Yang Farm in Thailand

OK, admittedly we did get a little carried away and added way too much chilli to one of the dishes. We were made to pay afterwards – but it was all part of the fun!

Enjoying the Scenery

It’s not all about keeping busy during a farm stay at Pong Yang farm. There’s also plenty of time to relax, chill out on a rainy day and enjoy the mountain views.

Thai Dancing

At my first farm stay, there was a stunning dancing performance by some very energetic local children. Now at Pong Yang Farm, there was another chance to have a VIP view of how the seniors do it.

Traditional Thai dancing at Pong Yang Farm in Thailand

All the ladies performing come from the area and in their free time meet up once or so times a week to practice.

Writers Secret Resturant

Another highlight of the trip was having a meal Tune In Garden. Known as ‘The Writers Secret Restaurant’ this was the home of a famous Thai writer and his wife is now serving some of the tastiest food in the area.

Tune In Garden Restaurant Pong Yaeng subdistrict, Mae Rim, Thailand

Tune In Garden restaurant in Pong Yaeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand

We also had a night performance from the Pong Yang Thai dancing ladies.

Night performance from the Pong Yang Thai dancing ladies


Pong Yang farm has many bedrooms available for various guests to use during their farm stay.

The Junior Suite was so roomy – it was more a family apartment than a bedroom!

Visit to Pong Yang Farm in Thailand


No trip to Thailand would be complete without a visit to the local temple. This one was unique as it overlooks the mountains and Pong Yang farm!

Temple in Pong Yang District in Northern Thailand

Temple in Pong Yang District in Northern Thailand

The artistic interior was also very special. The drawings portray a detailed description of the village and the families who live there.

Temple in Pong Yang District in Northern Thailand

Thoughts coming away from Pong Yang

My trip to Pong Yang farm was not only educational but a lot of fun too. I couldn’t have asked for any better treatment in the way the hosts looked after me – both Natjan & Thomas have a great sense of humour.

Even their dog was a friendly character…

I’m sure that other guests visiting Pong Yang would feel the same. The farm overseas a beautiful part of Thailand and offers a great retreat that easily reachable from Chiang Mai.

As more and more people come to visit Thailand, I can see this alternative type of travel catching on.

Location & Contact Details

Pong Yang Farm is just over 1 hours drive from Chiang Mai.

Visit to Pong Yang Farm in Thailand

If you are interested in the farm stay concept, I used Farm Stay Asia to organise my trip. At present the have over 20 different farm locations around Thailand that you can stay at.

They can be contacted by email at or through their website Farm Stay Asia.

Visit to Pong Yang Farm in Thailand
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20 thoughts on “Visit to Pong Yang Farm in Thailand

  1. Travel4lifeblog

    What a wonderful experience and authentic way to travel. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, you made us want to consider it next time we travel. Keep up the great work.

  2. Siddharth and Shruti

    Pong Yang Farm stay seems to have a bit of everything to experience the Thai Culture. The lettuce growing is so cute and seems like an effective method. So great to see that farm stays are growing in Asia. We really do love them!

  3. Travel Lexx

    Another incredible Northern Thailand experience and yet again somewhere I really want to visit when I am back in the region. The food looks amazing and the scenery breathtaking! Love your posts on Thailand – makes me want to go back (even though I was there 2 months ago)

  4. Kreete

    You had me at retreat! This farm stay seems to not only be a great cultural experience, but also a learning experience. I can’t get over how clever they are with growing lettuce! I used to grow my own, but never without needing soil. Love that you can go for a hunt for fresh fruit for juice and the entertainment looks good too! Will keep it in mind for Thailand ☺️

    1. Barry SprostonBarry Sproston Post author

      Learning about how the lettuce could be grown without soil was a highlight. It was great to see the traditional Thai dancing and how professional the ladies were too. Would love to go back again one day…

  5. James

    The breakfast looks delicious, it must be so tasty being fresh from the farm. It is very interesting how the lettuce is grown, especially whilst you are eating it. It must grow so quickly in the tropical climate!

  6. Sandy N Vyjay

    Pong Yang Farm looks so interesting. I am deeply fascinated by Hydropony. Great to see the farm using this method to grow lettuce. This is something we missed when in Thailand, will mark it for our next visit.

    1. Barry SprostonBarry Sproston Post author

      Learning about hydroponic farming was also one of the highlights of the trip for me. Didn’t know much about it before I arrived and it was great to see it in action first hand.

  7. Shona

    That hydroponic system for the lettuce crop is fantastic and all the delicious produce picked fresh for juices and smoothies for breakfast is pretty special. I’d love to do a farm stay. (I think I said that about your last one) I’m definitely looking into it. 🙂

  8. Urska | Sliva

    Didn’t know you can do something like that in Thailand, thanks for sharing. I would love to visit farms in Thailand and learn something more on their food production and their perspective on farming.

  9. Ruth | Tanama Tales

    For a moment, I thought this was last week’s post. Now I see you visited different farms. I think that is a really good experience. The food looks incredible. I would visit just to learn more about that aspect of Thai life. And, I like the star fruit picture. I haven’t tasted one in a long time.

    1. Barry SprostonBarry Sproston Post author

      That’s right I stayed at 3 farms in total on my trip. Although the farms were similar in some ways but also very different in terms of what each one produced. Same here – I don’t eat star fruit very often but this one was delicious.

  10. Paul and Carole

    This looks an amazing experience something we would love to do in the future. Back to the simple life though we are sure would be challenging at times. Have pinned for future reference. #feetdotravel

  11. Marcelle

    Farm stay is a great way to learn from the locals and to live in a totally different environment without spending too much money. Not always easy I suppose, too.

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