Rafting on the Emerald Tara River ‒ a Life-changing Experience

Rafting on the Emerald Tara RiverIf you’re a nature lover in search of an adrenaline rush and some unforgettable memories, Tara rafting is definitely an experience for you. It may sound just like something only a sports enthusiast would enjoy, but the Tara is so much more than that.

The scenic route has the power to touch your soul and clear your mind in the most natural and gentle yet exciting way possible.

I must admit, when I was getting ready for this adventure, I also thought that it will be exactly that – a pure adventure. But as you all probably know, nature has a way to change your perception.

Different seasons will change your whole experience

I went with a few members of my family to Kotor, Montenegro, from where we had an organised transport to Divlja Rijeka. This is where the camping resort is located. We went there in May, which is, in my opinion, the perfect time to familiarise yourself with rafting, especially on the Tara River.

During this time, the water levels are pretty high and you should be in good shape. Moreover, the water is cold and you have to wear a wetsuit.

However, the water is warmer and the water levels are lower from June to October. If you’re planning a family holiday tour with kids, this is the period you should consider.

Your safety is guaranteed

If you want to join a rafting tour, there have to be at least four people on board but no more than eight. You can easily join in even if you’re not in a group.

Our starting point was in Brstanovica. Of course, a guide will thoroughly explain everything you need to do and how to behave before you actually start your adventure. We also got the necessary equipment for this adrenaline blast. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised at how easy it was to communicate.

The rafting tour was mind-blowing

Rafting on the Emerald Tara River

The whole rafting experience is around 4 hours long, with 22 km of river rapids to conquer. I was really glad that we came in May since one person in my group mentioned that the Rapids hadn’t been as great and exciting when he had come here previous September.

As you can probably tell, I wasn’t disappointed at all. Right from the start, the wild rapids and spins truly made this trip exciting. I think I managed to count 23 amazing rapids. Also, our guide made it a lot more interesting by taking control over the raft several times and going through some of the extreme rapids.

The surreal scenery was a true sight to behold. You really feel like you’re one with nature. The waterfalls were definitely my favourite bit, but the landscape won’t leave you indifferent.

From our starting point in Brstanovica, Montenegro, we went through Scepan Polje and ended our life-changing adventure in Hum, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Rafting on the Emerald Tara River 3

The hospitality of the camping resort

The most important thing for me and my family once the rafting tour was completed was to get warm. I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere at our camping resort. The warmth was soothing while I can’t even begin to describe how delicious and substantial the meals were.

Moreover, it was really fun to spend the evening together with other like-minded people and party till the late hours of the night. Honestly, I can’t wait to try Tara rafting again as well as canyoning and any other adventurous tours available.

Rafting on the Emerald Tara RiverI still miss the fresh mountain air and the dreamy setting of this amazing natural heaven. I can’t recommend Tara rafting adventure enough, especially if you’re looking for something to break the monotony of your everyday life and help you feel alive.

Just remember to prepare for the rafting conditions depending on the time of the year so that you can truly enjoy this experience from the bottom of your heart.

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