The Perfect Running and Travel Money Belt

Running Travel Money Belt

Running Travel Money Belt

Just picture enjoying that perfect run along the beach, the weather’s perfect, distance times are dropping, and you feel in the zone.

Then all of a sudden it’s gone.

Maybe today isn’t the day you tell yourself as the house keys jingling away annoyingly in the pocket of your running shorts. If that isn’t enough, your smartphone is whacking against the leg like a concrete hammer drill. As for your wallet, it fell out somewhere 10 minutes ago. Time for a rethink.

I would consider myself a fairly active person, so currently staying in a country with the weather as great as Borneo, it can be hard to stay locked up indoors.

I regularly enjoy leisurely 5KM jogs, faster paced 8-10KM runs, and a spot of interval training mixed in now and again for good luck. When you spend all, this time, training outdoors you need to take personal items along with you.

These possessions can often get in the way and can be a distraction.

Running Travel Money Belt

The problem is where to put our personal items?

Things like wallets, phones, keys, and other bits and bobs we take along. For a while, I tried one of those armbands that are designed for the iPhone. I will admit it was ok at first, but after a few months, the Velcro started to come apart. This meant it wouldn’t fasten anymore, and that was the end of that.

Back to the drawing board and time for something new.

After some late night internet research on running belts and some other distractions, I came across the FlipBelt.

The Flipelt is manufactured from a Lyrica/Spandex mix and is designed to carry your personal kit, which means free hands for press ups or those lovely burpees! It only sits around the waist like a standard belt and is available in a variety of colours. Even the most particular runners can coordinate their workout fashion.

First on the agenda was to get some background on this running belt. After reading through the manufacturer’s website and a stack of Amazon reviews, previous customer’s feedback appeared positive and the FlipBelt looked to be a worthy purchase.

With my mind made up, credit card details were parted with, and the FlipBelt arrived in the post a couple of days later. First impressions were great, not only was delivery mega fast, but the sizing was also spot on. The below picture was taken when the running belt arrived.

The Perfect Running And Travel Money BeltI’m a 32” waist and the medium size was really a perfect fit, being not too loose or tight. The material used is extremely stretchy, meaning there’s a fair bit of giving either way over or under your own waist size.

This also allows the FlipBelt to be worn directly on the body, or if the climate requires, over various clothing layers in cooler months. It can also be worn up high on the stomach or pulled worn further down on the waist or hips, really whatever’s comfortable for you. The craftsmanship of the product is as expected and no defects or loose material were found.

Another use for the Flip Belt is it can double up as money or travel safety belt when moving around in those not so nice pickpocket areas.

Shown below, the Flip belt can fit my passport and wallet inside and still be worn comfortably. Once the items are placed inside the belt, they are simply flipped over. When the belt is flipped over the entry openings are now located on the inside, therefore not allowing any personal items to be taken while walking along. Great idea if you want to keep valuables close by.

After using the belt in various locations around the world, I can say the FlipBelt is a worthy investment for anyone who works out.

The flexibility of the product not only means you can use it on those long runs, but also at the gym, cycling, and endless other fitness activities. For one, I like that you can go for a morning run and pop the shops on the way back, without the trouble of going all the way back to the accommodation to get your things first. It really is convenient being able to take your wallet and phone out on runs.

Running Travel Money BeltNow anyone with a gigantic smartphone or a shock/waterproof case fitted to their phone might struggle to get it to fit.

However, the Nokia Lumia 1020 I am currently using does have quite a large face and it does fit perfectly inside. The Flipbelt width is 3” and the only phone the manufacturer states might be a problem is the Galaxy Note 2. Apparently, some suggest it does fit but is extremely tight.

Eventually, after a number of hard-core workouts, the FlipBelt will start to become of the same stench as your workout t-shirt. Once at the stage of no return the FlipBelt can just be thrown in the wash at the same time as the t-shirt and shorts, or even cleaned in the hotel sink. The FlipBelt really is a great concept.

This running/workout belt is a truly adaptable and unique product that I would highly recommend to anyone who runs or is looking for an alternative to a travel belt.

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