Siem Reap Weights Gym Workout

Siem Reap Weights Gym

Siem Reap Weights Gym

Looking for a workout at a Siem Reap weights gym while visiting Cambodia?

I was too, so I headed for the Angkor Muscle Gym as it was recommended to me by a fellow traveller. The Angor Muscle gym is just located outside the centre of Siem Reap, just a short walk across the river from the French quarter and Pub Street.

As the gym is located by the river it’s not that hard to find and basically you just keep on walking downstream until you find it. Just pay attention and look for the green building as there are no signs on the outside of the Siem Reap weights gym.

Siem Reap Weights Gym

Like other gyms I’ve been using recently, there’s the option to pay for a daily workout or long term. As Cambodians prefer US dollars, the daily rate for a workout is $1US and the monthly rate is $25US. You would need to be using the gym every day to make the monthly rate worthwhile.

This Siem Reap gym is fairly large compared to some of the gyms I have been using recently while travelling Asia. At the entrance, there are some cardio bike and running machines, although you have to pay extra to use the running machines. A small key locker is also near the entrance to store your wallet and phone for no charge. Toilets and changing rooms are also provided but don’t expect anything fancy.

Siem Reap Weights Gym

Further inside there is a good selection of free weights and machines to get a varied gym workout while in Siem Reap. A number of flat, incline and decline benches are available meaning that even during peak hours it’s still possible to find a free bench.

The gym attracts mostly a local Cambodian crowd, but there’s also plenty of expats, travellers and people on vacation training in here too.

A small towel is provided once you check into reception; it’s needed as with no air conditioning, you will be working up a sweat! Chilled bottled water is also available for 1000reil for 500ml, very handy as I tended to smash though mine quite quickly. Bananas, sports drinks and protein powder are also available to purchase her. After the workout, there’s plenty of space to stretch off on mats at the other end of the gym.

Location: House 0471, Watdamnak Village, Salakomreuk Commune, Siem Reap

Siem Reap Weights Gym Accommodation

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