Spending The Week: Tallinn Estonia points of interest

Tallinn Estonia points of interest

I have been fortunate enough to spend the week staying with a good friend of mine just outside Tallinn, Estonia.

Even though I expected a busy city full of office buildings and corporate headquarters, Tallinn has a very intimate feel that you often get from smaller towns.

Week In Tallinn EstoniaTallinn has a rich and long history as a city. Its origins can be traced way back to the medieval times as the first fortress at Toompea dates back to 1050.

It was first on a map in the year 1154, and in 1219 the city was conquered by Denmark, only then to be sold to the Hanseatic League in 1285.

During the following centuries, Estonia shifted into Swedish control in 1561 and then to Russia control in 1710.

More recently the 20th century saw both Soviet and Nazi occupation, before Estonia’s independence in 1991.

Tallinn Estonia points of interest

Tallinn Town Hall

Tallinn Estonia points of interest

Tallinn old town streets

Tallinn Estonia points of interest

Week In Tallinn Estonia

Week In Tallinn Estonia

City walls

The city is positioned on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. As it’s only 43 miles (70KM) from the Finland’s capital of

As it’s only 43 miles (70KM) from the Finland’s capital of Helsinki it attracts lots of visitors on days trips or weekends away.

Tallinn’s medieval past is still on display today and can be seen as you walk through the cobbled streets and wander down alleyways with old houses.

Past the city walls are also a number of nice parks which are perfect for a relaxing walk around.

Week In Tallinn Estonia

This now unused stadium was build for the 1980 Olympics

When visiting Tallinn you can find yourself emerged in the midst of Europe long gone by, with old fashioned buildings on display and people wearing medieval dress. Tallinn Old Town is well kept example and is placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

During my summer visit the Old Town, hosted a wide variety of tourists, but not as many as nearby Riga, or to the extent of a city like Barcelona.

Visiting Tallinn is not overly expensive and is easy accessed on a cheap flight by the likes of Ryan Air and so on.

Week In Tallinn Estonia

Stenbock house

 Week In Tallinn Estonia Evidence of Soviet rule still remains with concrete housing blocks and the former KGB office.

The new town is easily visible from the old, having been built Soviet style, and is now joined modern shopping centres and fast food restaurants.

The new centre of town is now located at Freedom Square, just at the edge of the old town.

Also nearby is Hotel Viru, the former flagship hotel where every room was tapped and monitored by the KGB.


Tallinn City, Estonia

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