Training in Borneo: Sibu Weights Gym Workout

Training in Borneo: Sibu Weights Gym Workout

Sibu Weights Gym Workout

Typing away on the laptop, I’m lying on the bed of my walk in a budget guesthouse in Sibu. Heavy rain is forecasted for later, but if I stay her hunched up over the computer all day I’m going to go crazy.

Time to find a gym….

True to Asia, most of the gyms in the Sibu area don’t have websites. Oh, how did we cope before the internet!?

So I’m relying on the Here maps app on my Nokia phone to lead the way and as usual most of the gyms are a bit of a trek away. Anyway, after grabbing a light lunch in town it’s time to start making my way find a Sibu weights gym. Going off a map, personally I have no idea what the gym will turn out to be.

After walking for around 20 minutes, in true traveller fashion the heavens decide to open up once I’m only a couple corners away from the gym. Even a last minute full speed sprint can’t prevent me from getting totally drenched!

Finally, I spot the gym, it’s called Bandong Gym and located above a series of shops. Walking up the stairs I enter the gym soaking wet, Most probably looked like a homeless person, but it didn’t deter me one bit from working out. The extra heat generated should help dry my clothes anyway.

Now the great thing is pricing for a walk in session at banding gym will only cost 7MYR. For those who forget to bring the water, there’s a shop across from the gym selling 500ml and 1.5LT bottles.

For a small gym, this Sibu weights gym is sure packed with a good selection of equipment and I could find everything needed. The guy working there is a really friendly fella and after a chat for 5 minutes it was time to get into the weights session. I’m guessing he must run a tight ship as all the dumbbells and weights sit perfectly in their racks.

There’s none of this scouting around the floor looking for the matching dumbbell malarkey that I have come to expect from local gyms in Borneo.

Actually the red and black design and the organisation make Bandong Gym a really good place for a Sibu weights workout. Not only is the guy working there really friendly, checking up on you every now and again & generally seeing if everything is ok, but every time someone new comes in to train they come to shake your hand.

If I’m honest the atmosphere was one the best I’ve seen in a weights gym and is probably on par with that of a small martial arts or boxing group. The type where everyone gets to know one another personally.

Also, I have to say also it’s the only gym I’ve trained in that plays Wutang Clan and Notorious BIG – rock on…

Actually the workout was so good that I forgot to take more pictures after walking in!

The only bad thing was due to leave Sibu the next day I wouldn’t get a chance to go back. It really would have been great to train here for a few weeks, the place has got an amazing vibe.


Bandong GymJ, alan Bandong, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Thing’s to Do in Sibu

Some attractions I visited while staying in Sibu:

Sibu Central Market – Sibu Central Market is the biggest indoor market in Sarawak.

Taman Bukit Aup Jubilee Park – On top of the tower at Bukit Aup you’ll be able to view the town quite significantly as land in Sibu are quite flat. It’s now a recreational park where everyone gets to feed the koi fish and to leisurely walk around.

Sibu Weights Gym Workout image created by ToolsofTravel

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