Travel guide for Port Douglas, North Queensland, Australia #travelblog #ttot @Marie_S_NievesAbout 40 miles from Carnis, and 1500 miles North from Sydney, you will find the most wonderful tropical paradise in Australia.

Surrounded by the Daintree Rainforest and the outstanding Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas gives you the ultimate satisfaction of connecting with beautiful, intact nature. Port Douglas, which was a tiny peaceful fishing village until the sixties, is now welcoming visitors from all over the world to admire its unique beauty.

It’s enjoyed by everybody, from families over couples all the way to singles – once people come here and experience that effortless sophistication and the miracles of nature, they always come back for more.

Now that we have introduced you to some basics, it is time to present you a list of things you should know before visiting Port Douglas.

Travel guide for Port Douglas, North Queensland, Australia #travelblog #ttot @Marie_S_Nieves

Getting around town

The nearest airport is in Cairns, so the only way to reach our beautiful paradise is by road (it takes about an hour’s drive from the airport). You can book a shuttle drive from the airport or Cairns downtown, a limousine, or you can hire a car.

When it comes to getting around Port Douglas, two bus systems take tourists into town for 5 dollars round trip. They run from 7 AM until midnight. A sightseeing train circles town during Sundays, and if you are interested in going on the tour to the reef or the rain forest, the bus is going to pick you up at your hotel.

If you, on the other hand, choose a hotel near or in the central downtown area, you will be able to walk there easily every day.

Travel guide for Port Douglas, North Queensland, Australia #travelblog #ttot @Marie_S_Nieves

Things to see and things to do

Let’s start with the land. The must-see destination is, of course, the Daintree rainforest. This World Heritage site covers an area of almost 9000 square kilometers and features some mind-blowing sights, waterfalls, mountains, rivers, etc.

It is one of the oldest rainforests on earth, maybe even the oldest, and you aren’t wrong if you call it a living museum, since some plants there have been around for millions of years. The rest of the mystery is up to you to explore.

Travel guide for Port Douglas, North Queensland, Australia #travelblog #ttot @Marie_S_Nieves

When we talk about the sea, the fun continues. First thing, the Great Barrier Reef.

The giant reef is as big as the surface of the UK which spreads over 2300 km along the coast of Queensland, and you can see it from space. It contains 2900 reefs, 600 rocky islands, and 300 coral cays. There are many reef activities, from cruises on large and luxury ships with underwater observatories to diving and snorkeling.

Also, if you’re not a fan of spending all day in the water, and you want to experience the reef at your pace, you also have a possibility to enjoy the pontoons permanently moored at the outer part of the reef.

Travel guide for Port Douglas, North Queensland, Australia #travelblog #ttot @Marie_S_NievesEating, sleeping, shopping

Trust us when we tell you that from all the beauty and fun you will have there, you will almost forget about your physical and other needs.

There’s a fresh diet right there. As for eating, your options are countless. You will find any restaurant you can think of.

Most of them are in the Macrossan Street and Wharf Street. Salsa restaurants, buffets, seafood, fish, they are everywhere. If you are a nature or simply adventurous type, there is an option where you can experience breakfast with birds at the Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary.

When it comes to sleeping, there are some outstanding Port Douglas resorts for a very decent price. The good thing is that most of the resorts here are relatively new, so the service and the conditions are perfect and the chance that you make a mistake is practically non-existent. Depending on your budget you can also find a motel or an apartment of course.

The Sunday Market in Port Douglas, which gives you the opportunity to buy everything from fresh tropical fruit and vegetables to clothes and gifts, is open from 8 am till 1:30 pm.

Travel guide for Port Douglas, North Queensland, Australia #travelblog #ttot @Marie_S_NievesMany people may get terrified from all the crocodiles and other mythical forest and sea creatures, but Port Douglas boasts some exceptional heart-warming beauty, and you need to understand that you will be perfectly safe.

This earth’s jewel is a paradise you will never forget.

Travel guide for Port Douglas, North Queensland, Australia


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    Very nice post Marie, so glad to find it since next week I’m going to move to Sydney for at least one year 🙂 and I’m organizing what and which places to see….surely I’m going to visit Queensland, so I’m pretty sure to include Port Douglas on my travel list for Australia …I’ll follow up your tips, thanks 😉 .

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    Wowww not many times I can read something about North Queensland! I have never been in Port Douglas but I have been told that it’s really beautiful in every way, nature, food, relax! I lived in Townsville for 6 months, unfortunately I didn’t have time to get there! thanks for your useful tips! 😀

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      Thank you Davide, I am really glad that you like it. 🙂

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