Travelling to France from the UK

Travelling to France from the UK

France from the UK

Travelling to France from the UK is popular route and possible to do on a budget. France attracts not only travellers from the UK and Europe but from all around the world.

One great reason to visit France is its close location means it’s possible to travel there on the cheap. When travelling to France from the UK, it’s easy to get there by taking the train, ferry or plane. Some destinations can be arrived at in as little as under two hours.

Change Pounds to Euros before arriving in France to make things less stressful. Travel money companies in the UK often offer the best exchange rates, allowing your travel money to go a little further.

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It’s also great to know that following places in France are quite easy to access from the UK:


Normandy is only a short ferry ride away from British shores, which is why it’s popular with travellers from the UK. Normandy holds an import part of France history and is the location of a very touching World War II museum. For cuisine, it is the ideal place to get clams and oysters from the local restaurants along the coast. Visitors can enjoy many unique road trips in this part of France, offering stunning views of the coastline and quaint small French towns.


Aix-en-Provence is roughly thirty minutes from Marseilles airport. Aix-en-Provence provides those travelling from the UK access open areas of country complete with sunflower and lavender fields. Many Roman ruins are surrounding the town, which makes it a great place to experience history, great cuisine, and plenty of shopping for gifts.


For those that enjoy a bit of history, Avignon is where to Pope resided for almost two centuries. There is a great castle that is now a museum and a famous bridge called the “Pont du Avignon,” which has a song in its honour. The city is full of theatre performances and art galleries for tourists to browse on an easy day trip from Aix-en-Provence or Marseilles.


Nice is one of my favourites to places to access to the French Rivier. A big bonus is it has a good sized airport with direct flights to the UK. Nice has many boutique hotels, resorts and Airbnb’s that allow visitors to relax on some of France’s best beaches. Furthermore, Monaco is only a 13-minute train ride from Nice, which is a fun day trip to play at the famous Monte Carlo Casino or watch the world famous Formula 1 race.


Arles is a smaller city in Southern France that is closer to the Spanish border. It is where Vincent van Gough spent many years of his life. Throughout the city, there are places where he painted his most famous works that have not been modified so that visitors can compare the original painting to that of the scene. Additionally, Arles has some of the last bullfights that happen in the Roman arena that is still perfectly intact. Arles is quite easy to get to from Marseilles, making it another great place for a visit.


For the wine lovers visiting Bordeaux is a must There are many family-owned vineyards that have an impressive history going back many years. Bordeaux has produced wine for centuries, which is precisely why the gourmet restaurants in that region are enjoyable to stop off at while touring the vineyards for high-quality wine tasting.


There’s plenty to see, so it’s highly recommended to take more time exploring France outside the major cities and Paris. The smaller cities in France can also be very accessible and provide just as good – if not a better travel experience.

When planning a trip to France, work out how many Euros you will need to exchange before you leave the UK. If you’re going beyond France into other parts of Europe, it also makes sense to get all your Euros in one transaction. Many money providers offer better rates when you exchange more. This way, you will be able to find the best travel money deal.

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