7 Reasons to Visit Greenland this Year

Greenland is an amazing paradise for any adventurer. The north has a rugged, polar desert while the south has sheep farms and glacial-carved fjords and the country has quite a good number of amazing destinations.

Adventurers seeking to make of Greenland tourism have much to choose from including culture, nature, and action. Here is a look at 7 things you can do in the largest island in the world.

1) Trekking The Prehistoric Ice Sheet

80 percent of the country is covered by the Greenlandic Ice Sheet, which dates back up to 10,000 years at the edges. In some areas, it is even possible to walk on this permanent historical monument, which is a remnant of the last ice age and where you will see an array of fauna, frozen freshwater, and snowy mountains.

Fun facts: The total area covered by the ice is 695,000 square miles, which is about 14 times the size of England.

The ice actually contains 10% of the fresh water reserves in the world.

2) Seeing The Biggest Glacier Outside Antarctica

The greatest natural attraction in Greenland which is also a UNESCO Word Heritage Site is the Ilulissat Icefjord. The impressive collection of icebergs calved from the biggest glacier in the Icefjord, which is the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier presents a beautiful but chilling natural gallery and a story of the planet’s history.

You can enjoy it in several different ways: by land, helicopter, or boat. You can even choose to sail to the massive iceberg, hike along the trails that edge the Icefjord, or take a low altitude helicopter excursion for beautiful panoramas.

Seeing The Biggest Glacier Outside Antarctica

Ilulissat Icefjord (Credit: Greenland.com)

3) Enjoying The Bathtub-Warm Hot Springs

The hot springs are in direct contrast to the cold Glaciers that Greenland is so famed for and are great for thawing your chilly limbs. Greenland might not be known for hot springs or anything hot but they actually number in the hundreds scattered all through the landscape.

The Uunartoq hot springs in Uunartoq Island in east Greenland and the hot springs in Disko Island, which are just a boat ride away from the Illulissat are the most popular ones. The hot springs are like natural “bathtubs” and site at an impressive 100 degrees Fahrenheit even though some reach as high as 140 degrees.

4) Witnessing The Amazing Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis is another name for The Northern Lights and they are popularly referred to as ‘greatest light show on the planet’. In the winter, the dark sky usually glows with neon illumination, which makes for an unparalleled natural phenomenon.

If you are taking a Greenland holiday to enjoy the lights, you need to visit between December and February because the nights during this period are clearer than the rest of the year.

5) Visiting The Largest National Park In The World

Greenland National Park spans 870 miles earning it the title of the world’s largest national park. The biggest draw is undeniably the abundance of fauna and flora. However, it is fairly hard to access the park and nobody lives in the area. The gateway to the park itself is Ittoqqortoormiit found in Northeast Greenland and there you can take cruise expeditions.

Once there, you can enjoy gazing across the crystal-clear water, which is tucked between mountains before spotting the majestic polar bear and giant walruses. If you are looking for a genuine Arctic paradise you will find it in Greenland National park.

Visiting The Largest National Park In The World

Greenland National Park (Credit: Greenland.com)

6) Seeing Mummies In The Greenland National Museum

The Greenland National Museum is one of the first museums established and holds collections that stretch back 4,500 years from preserved ruins to Danish artifacts.

The Norse Collections and Inuit Archaeological Collections are a massive hit even though the clear winner is the 4 people buried in full dresses that lived in the year 1475. They are natural mummies that are a result of the freezing temperatures.

7) Getting Up Close and Personal with Whales

Set off on a whale watching tour. If you are a lover of animals, you will find this to be an incredible journey although you will have to do it in the summer.

By May most fjords will have melted meaning that June and July are the perfect times to sail between icebergs so that you can spot whales. Narsaq is a great point to launch off since it is where glaciers north of town leave the minke whale-rich waters as well as trout salmon, and seals.

Getting Up Close and Personal with Whales

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