What’s in My Backpack: Interview with Angie from a Feet do Travel

What’s in My Backpack: Interview with Angie from a Feet do Travel

Tell us about you?

My name is Angie, and together with my husband Simon, we love to travel as much as possible while holding down full-time jobs!

We have dedicated our lives to seeing as much of the world as we can and have always known that children wouldn’t factor into our life-plan.

Our trips away are centred around wildlife, bucket list items and recently we started looking for scuba diving destinations because we are now both qualified PADI Divers. It’s given us a new lease of life.

What’s in My Backpack: Interview with Angie from @feetdotravel #travelblogger #scubadiver

Where are you now?

Right now we are in England. However, we are on a countdown to our new nomadic lifestyle which will begin in Borneo, December!

Describe your travel style?

I used to organise and plan everything to the enth degree, but now I just ensure I read up as much as I can on a country I am visiting to make informed decisions – I hate to walk away from a place not seeing something that I didn’t know about.

I have a history as a backpacker, but when I met Sy, we did the conventional “get married, buy a house, be career minded” etc. so used to stay in All Inclusive hotels and our style was luxury holidays.

That is all about to change … we are selling our entire lives which includes our house, quitting our jobs and we are about to become backpackers!

What do you like best about travelling?

Travelling completes me; it makes me feel alive and grounded. I love the people you meet whether it be other travellers or locals, it’s brilliant. I love the knowledge travelling brings; it is the best form of education in my opinion.

The most memorable trip you’ve had?

There have been a few for different reasons, but I would say that Mabul in Borneo was a life-changer.

When staying with Scuba Junkie a couple of years ago, we decided that we didn’t want “the rat race” anymore and when we returned last year, we knew it wasn’t just a passing phase.

Mabul showed us the life that we wanted to lead.  Our new nomadic life will start in Borneo again this year with Simon undertaking his Dive Master training.

What’s in My Backpack: Interview with Angie from @feetdotravel #travelblogger #scubadiver

City visited the most and why?

Amsterdam – 9 times!!

It’s just such a cool place to hang out, and there is so much to do there.

It’s just an hour’s flight from where we live, so a nice easy long weekend and the people are so friendly – I’m still finding new things to do there!

What’s in My Backpack: Interview with Angie from @feetdotravel #travelblogger #scubadiver

Best hotel, guesthouse or hostel stayed at?

If I haven’t waxed lyrical about Scuba Junkie in Mabul just yet then this is the best accommodation.

They have dorm beds for backpackers but also VIP rooms overlooking the beach which is where we used to stay. When we used to travel All Inclusive, we would seek out the Iberostar chain for their quality and price.

What’s in My Backpack: Interview with Angie from @feetdotravel #travelblogger #scubadiver

What’s your backpack of choice?

I have just purchased an Osprey especially for ladies, so it fits my small frame – I’m only 5’2”. I love it because it’s not a top loading backpacker but opens suitcase style – fabulous!

I found that a top loading backpack didn’t suit me by the time I had used it for over a year and ended up ditching it in Australia in favour of a suitcase! Not exactly conducive for freedom travelling!

What’s in your backpack? (Travel gadgets etc..)


Seriously I travel with the kitchen sink and have never packed light – when I was in Thailand for 2 months, I carried a foot tall wooden snake and a collapsible table and when I was in Africa, I bought a Masai mara spear!

Electronics and gadgets you couldn’t travel without?

In the past I would have said my iPod – I cannot do without my music!

However as my blogging/Social Media presence has exploded recently, I will struggle without my laptop – I live on it morning, noon and night!

How about apps?

I’m not a huge app person and to be honest, I prefer things more old school.

Last product you purchased?

Laptop! My other one couldn’t cope with the amount of time I now work on it so gave up the ghost. I now have a super-light Asus which I love 🙂

Any tips for travelling on a budget?

I haven’t travelled on a budget for a while so I am after tips myself! However watch this space in the future – as I don’t know where my next pay packet is coming from, I will need to be frugal!

Finally, where to next?

Back to Borneo for a third time this year but we plan to travel around more and take our time, do some jungle trekking, check out some caves, basically just slow things down and really explore Borneo then onto Malaysia and Thailand … the world is or oyster!

What’s in My Backpack: Interview with Angie from @feetdotravel #travelblogger #scubadiver
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17 thoughts on “What’s in My Backpack: Interview with Angie from a Feet do Travel

  1. Tracy

    Great interview! Really enjoyed finding out about Angie and Simon – I am really looking forward to reading all about their adventures in Borneo. Although not quite as gutsy as them we have sold up and are moving to Australia next year. Any tips on becoming a full time digital nomad will be great too – hoping to try it one day.
    Really enjoy finding out about other travel bloggers ?

  2. Vyjay

    I am an admirer of Angie and her travel style. Her writing brings alive her adventures in vivid detail and the images leap up before you through her words. Loved reading about her thoughts and preferences

  3. Kreete

    Awesome interview! Great to read about Angie and Simon. I have always wanted to know more about them! They are just the nicest! Was laughing about what you pack in your suitcase, Angie! Hilarious! Overall a great and informative interview! Thanks for doing this!

  4. Garth

    Great Interview Barry. Angie and Simon from Feet Do Travel are brilliant bloggers and have so much experience travelling, love reading their adventures, they’ve also created a superb community on Facebook for people with wanderlust. This was a great insight, thanks

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